Strange Sounds from ice: Sounds from Tenaya Frozen Lake, Yosemite, USA

The Sounds from the frozen lake Tenaya was recorded on January 13, 2012 in the morning first in the air and then in the ice. These sounds are magical, strange, weird. It is amazing that something “immobile” triggers such music. These sounds are produced when ice floes rub against each other or bend.

These audio samples are also very impressive.

In the air at 9:35 am
(Senheiser MKH 40 and MKH 3o microphones pointing southwest, Sound Devices 702 recorder)

In the ice at 10:15 am
(2 Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR hydrophones embedded in the ice about 75 feet apart, Fostex FR2-LE recorder)

Here a live sample video of such sounds

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