December 12 2012 – Strange Sky Phenomenon in Värmland, Sweden: bright blue light running across the night sky

Bloggers from the two very interesting blogs: the Flying cuttlefish Pycayune and the lasinkhole blog send me the information about residents in western Sweden reporting a mysterious bright, blue light across the sky before an yellow-, red-, orange-coloured orb smashed into the ground. This mysterious phenomenon from the sky has yet to be explained. Was it an UFO?, A meteorite or comet strike? Firework? I chose the meteorite strike. Until now we are just sure that it was not a plane crash. Emergency calls came from all over Sweden and some observations also came from Finland.

Another similar phenomenon is reported in a astonomer blog about 6 years ago. Here a link to it.

I think this video reports actually exactly what has been described in the two posts, an incredible meteorite strike in Africa:


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