Three-mile long Toutatis asteroid to zip past Earth this week: watch it live from here!

During this week, a giant near-Earth asteroid called 4179 Toutatis and which is around 3 miles (5 kilometers) wide, will flyby within 4.3 million miles (7 million kilometers) of the Earth. This is about 18 times the distance of the moon from the Earth. This action can be followed live on NASA astronomer computers. The closest distance will be reached today morning (December 12 2012). No risks of collision with the Earth exist. If the meteorological conditions enable, you will be able to stare at this large asteroid (imagine the show!) using good quality telescopes.

The online Slooh Space Camera and Virtual Telescope Project will both stream live, free footage of the asteroid from professional observatories.

Video of this large asteroid, toutatis, from

On the 11th of December, a new newfound asteroid (found 2 days ago) zipped between our planet and the moon. Here the video about it… From


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