One picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, here is such a picture! Notice the correlation between the starred areas, representing areas experiencing “mysterious loud booms” and shaking, and the New Madrid Fault and shake zone. This “loud boom” illustration does not include areas experiencing sinkhole development, derailments, explosions, and collapsing buildings, but the states of their occurrence pretty much match the ones shown. The time period covered is January-February 2013.

loud booms, new madrid fault and moving eart picture

Per the Zetas of ZetaTalk, a major earthquake in the New Madrid Fault zone area will devastate vast areas of the United States and Canada. The New Madrid fault line follows the Mississippi River from Illinois to Arkansas, crossing five state lines – Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee – as well as the Mississippi River in at least three places. The New Madrid seismic zone consists of a series of faults, including fault lines that run up toward the Great Lakes and from the center of the Gulf of Mexico up the East Coast. – Barbara Schneider

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