In the next article you will find some videos and relevant reports of strange sounds around the world. These do not contain loud booms reported in other article of this blog. Thank you for your reports and for your help.

Forest Head, Cold Fell – Northeastern tip of the Pennines in the UK. Have been experiencing loud booming sounds, more-and-more frequently, along with shaking house and ground. A crack has appeared on one side of the house, and I wonder if it is related to the constant shaking of the ground. We live in a remote area, and so far nobody has mentioned it to me, but as I said, it is a remote area. We suspect it is the military, but it could be anything. If anyone from this area has experienced this, I’d appreciate hearing from them.

1. Creepy animal screams, probably a fox – February 12 2013 Dogs are barking as soon as they hear it! Creepiest Noise! Any idea what it is? We hear this creepy noise periodically. We live in the City. We don’t expect to hear noises like this. We’re thinking its some kind of crazed animal. Like maybe a scary squirrel, pissed off possum, crazy cat or a rabid raccoon. Well I think it is definitely a fox!

and here anothe fox sound: creepy!

2. Loud booms in Palm Coast, Florida – February 10 2013.

From a follower: We heard it too!! Last night, yes near Clearwater High School at around 9:30 to near 10:00 pm. It started and stopped twice or so. But mostly a long low loud rumbling like a 747 hovering overhead and not moving for thirty minutes. Then it stopped abruptly. No directional movement I could tell. I was thinking maybe construction noises on US19? But why so loud? Why the humming vibration, unless it’s bouncing off the cloud cover overhead? And it’s not a normal noise. It doesn’t sound like construction we’ve heard before! It sounds overhead. or underneath or something – but it’s in the air if that makes sense. You can’t even pinpoint a direction specifically, though I’d say more overhead and to the east. And you can hear it both indoors and outside. Loud. Low. Hum. Vibration. Not thunder or wind or anything natural. Thanks for posting too, we all heard it hear, glad others did as well. What the heck is it?

3. Weird noises, illinois – February 11 2013. These strange sounds were heard from about midnight throught sunrise so far.

Message from followers: I live in southern Illinois and have been hearing what sounds like large explosions during the day and late at night, I thought maybe they were building a new oil rig but sure enough are not. It has been going on and off for the last several months. It scared my 3 yr old child afew times and has even waken her in middle of night. I have even noticed odd aircraft and military activity in my area. I do have a feeling it has something to do with under ground bunkers our government is building. Its just recently started to concern me. We are all not crazy, and we need answers!!

I heard this last night in clearwater also .. i live near clearwater High school and last night it was a HUGE noise…It sounded like a giant drill or something and it was roaring and going on for quite awhile .. I thought it was a jet plane at first but it went on for 30 minutes and it happens every couple weeks . scary

4. Strange Sounds Richmond Hill, Ontario February 11 2013. Recorded in residental area near Don Head Village, went on for an hour. Feb. 11 2013

5. Strange sounds heard from miles over Norco louisiana – February 12 2013

From a follower: OK we live in Catlett VA, F. County and those crazy loud booms have been going on ALL DAY. My dog and 3 year old are freaking out. We just moved out here last month so I am not familiar with the area but I know there are train tacks nearby. But I have lived near trains and they don’t make booms like this. What the heck is it?

6. Skies humming and sky strange weird groaning sounds Washington State (near Spokane) 11:00 PM PST 2/12/1013

From a follower: today Feb. 12, 2013, around 4pm in Morristown Tn there were flashes of bright lights and 4 sets of booming noises accompanied by shaking as in a quake. The first one was the largest and the rest were lesser, like after shocks. It bounced the rear end of a school bus off the edge of the road into the ditch at the corner of Witt Rd and Watkins Chapel Rd. Many people have felt this but the national weather service based in Morristown cannot give an explanation, neither can the news stations. It is making us feel like there is a cover up.



7. Strange Noise in sky Michigan – February 13, 2013.

8. Strange noise, Staten Island 3:30 AM – Feb 14th 2013. Freaky noise! Definitely the low rumbling noise reported all over the world.

9. Strange Sounds in Manitoba – February 14 2013. 2:00 am this was heard in manitoba