Discover the mystic Caño Cristales: ‘The River Of Five Colors’ in the...

Discover the mystic Caño Cristales: ‘The River Of Five Colors’ in the Macarena Mountains of Colombia

cano cristales mystic river in columbia la macarena

The world is full of amazing rivers and lakes. But one in particular really stands out. Caño Cristales, commonly referred to as ‘the river that ran away to paradise’, ‘The River Of Five Colors’ or even ‘The Most Beautiful River In The World’ is a famous body of water located in the Macarena Mountains of Columbia.

the most beautiful river in the world cano cristales columbia

The river has a clear and calm current, allowing visitors to see life underneath the water’s surface. For most of the year, the Caño Cristales is just like any other river that doesn’t warrant attention in Colombia: residing underwater is a range of rocks covered in green moss. But for a period of time from September to November, the water level dips allowing the sun’s natural heat to warm that moss covering the rocks and other algae formations beneath the surface.

mystery places on earth cano cristales columbia la macarena

The effect of the warmth results in a stunning transformation: blooms grow beneath the water, ranging in all shades of colors. A plant on the river floor turns vibrant red, while the moss turns from slightly dull to bright green. Algae plants that cover rocks turn shades of purple and magenta.

fantasy location around the world cano cristales river columbia

The water is so clear, it casts a sparkling blue appearance. The river spans roughly 100 kilometers long. The natural specimen is not easily accessible as visitors must venture to La Macarena and hike or ride horses through unmarked trails.

cano cristales mystic river columbia

So take a tour of Caño Cristales, the multi-colored river in Colombia.

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