Loud Booms, Shakings And Earthquake Booms In Bartow County, Georgia Linked To Bowen Power Plant Explosion

scary explosion at bowen power plant april 2013

Scary explosion! As you may have read about it, the Bowen power plant explosion created sounds similar to those from sonic booms and earthquakes. This explosion, caused by a malfunctioning turbine at Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen near Cartersville in Bartow County, was heard and felt by residents from Cartersville to Euharlee to Taylorsville and beyond on Thursday, April 4 2013 at around 4 p.m.. The explosion injured four people and damaged Plant Bowen in Bartow County. A full investigation for determining the exact cause of the explosion is still under way. This incident presents no danger to the community and Georgia Power customers should not lose electric service. Well I really would like to know what caused this explosion.

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"Our whole house shook! I peeked out my door and smoke was everywhere. Plant Bowen is pretty much in my backyard. Scary!"

"We are in Hunter's Landing behind elem school. The blast shook our house, like it sucked out the air from our house then it expanded back. They let off steam quite frequently over there, and that wakes me up in the night...but never like this in the 19 yrs we've lived here..."

"i live on grassdale rd when it all happened it sound like thunder to me so i went back to what i was doing. then 30 minutes later i hear about plant bowen over m[y] scanner."

"I live close to old Cass High & thought it was thunder too!"

"Heard a very loud boom in the city of Taylorsville, I looked outside to see what had exploded. Very loud sound like steam, I couldn't believe it was the plant, it sounded so much closer."

"I live in aragon all our doors and windows shook a little. We looked for 5 min for what the cause was. Then heard the news."

"I live directly across the river from Plant Bowen and it shook the whole house, felt like an earthquake."

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  1. explosion was caused when purging hydrogen gas from unit 2 generator which was shut off for maintenance. The hydrogen must be removed for safety reasons. To do this we purge the hydrogen with carbon dioxide (add CO2 from the top and vent it from the bottom; since CO2 is heavier than hydrogen). Then after that We purge the CO2 with air (by adding the air at the bottom and venting at the top; since CO2 is heavier than air); this step is done because CO2 in large doses will cause suffocation. While they were purging they did not follow the proper procedure due to operator error AND/OR improper training… probable a combination of the two… and lack of supervision and assistance. Anyway when air and hydrogen meet it goes Caboom!


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