extreme and apocalyptical weather phenomena march 2013

A video summary of extreme weather events and earth changes and other apocalyptical events that occurred in March 2013: new mass animal die-offs on land and in the sea, visits and sightings of comets, more asteroid fly-bys, fireballs and meteorites raining from the sky, pestilence and plagues of locusts, strong earthquakes, record flooding and snowfall, sinkholes swallowing people alive, hail storms with baseball-sized hail, devastating tornadoes, massive landslides… Well everything to frighten us! All these crazy events are synchronised with ever-crazier human behavior as war theaters expand and rumors of yet more wars grow louder… Take care!

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  1. Weather is driven by air pressure (temperature and moisture) differences between one place and another. These pressure and temperature differences can occur due to the sun angle at any particular spot, which varies by latitude from the tropics. The strong temperature contrast between polar and tropical air gives rise to the jet stream. Weather systems in the mid-latitudes, such as extratropical cyclones, are caused by instabilities of the jet stream flow. ‘

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