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Daily Archives: Jun 1, 2013

Massive Landslide Forces Evacuation of Kingston and Berhampore in Wellington New Zealand – June 1 2013

A massive landslide about 40 metres wide by 100 metres long in Wellington has swept away backyards and left houses teetering on a cliff edge. Around 90 people were...

Amazing Waterspout Recorded Around the World: Europe, USA, Australia, Bahamas – May 2013

Waterspout Injidup beach right near Swings South Western Australia - May 16 2013
Waterspout at Injidup beach right near Swings South Western Australia - May 16 2013   Here a compilation of Waterspouts' videos that happened around the world (USA: Arkansas and Florida, Croatia,...

Atlantic Highway – Discover the Amazing Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway: A Highway Which Looks Like a Hot Wheels Playset

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The Atlantic Highway is five miles of sheer insanity and wave-soaked driving. Is your GPS or your mapping app still working? Yes do not worry too much, what you will discover...

Pangea? Yes, An Amazing Contemporary Geopolitical Map of Pangea

Pangea map, map of pangea with geopolitical boarders, geopolitics on pangeavideo
How would Pangea look like with the contemporary geopolitical borders? Well, this supercontinent that formed roughly 300 million years ago looks pretty wild with our actual boarders. What you see here is...

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