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Daily Archives: Jun 2, 2013

Amazing Cloud Atlas: Fantastic Cloud Photos Present the Variety of Clouds in Our Sky

Mammatus clouds over northeast South Dakota
Clouds are magical and sometimes take fantastic forms. If your knowledge of clouds only extends to 'dull and grey' or 'white and fluffy', then prepare to be amazed by this...

Apocalyptic Art: But How Well the Earth Would do Without Humanity? ‘Decor’ By Johanna Martensson

apocalyptic art, art of apocalypse, apocalyptic art, art about apocalypse
A great artistic simulation of what could be the apocalypse! With bread! I love it! See a city made of bread decompose in a moldy apocalypse! Johanna Mårtensson's photo series Decor imagines...

Amazing Sinkholes Around the World: Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in El Reno Oklahoma – June 1 2013

A massive sinkhole opened up in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma on June 1, 2013 following overnight storms that triggered flooding. Storms pummeled Oklahoma again yesterday as the full weight of tornado...

What is Making these Mysterious Booming Sounds? How to Determine the Source of Unexplained Booms

Residents in the vicinity of Lake Seneca in the Catskill Mountains of New York have long known booming sounds as “Seneca guns” (a term also common throughout the coastal...

Massive Earthquakes Strike Taiwan, the Southern Philippines and the Solomon Islands – June 2 2013

philippines earthquake map story top, philippines quake june 2013, philippines quake june 2013
October 15 2013 : Breaking: Massive earthquake in Bohol Philippines on October 15 2013         Earthquakes have jolted Taiwan, the southern Philippines and ocean depths off the Solomon Islands. A magnitude 5.7 earthquake...

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