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Daily Archives: Jun 11, 2013

Loud Booms in Hawaii Related to Field Artillery Exercises at Schofield Barracks From June 10 to 21 2013

Residents in the area of Schofield Barracks may experience periodic increases in noise for the next couple of days due to field artillery training exercises. The Army says the Marine...

Amazing Sinkhole Compilation Across the USA: Indiana, Missouri, Utah, New York – June 2013

Huge Sinkhole Formation on I-69 Route in Monroe County Indiana   © Brian Garvey / Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads Tom Tokarski (right) stands next to a sinkhole in southwestern Monroe...

Magical and Eerie Pictures: Long Exposure Photographs of Fireflies in the Forests of Nagoya City Japan

fireflies pictures, haunting firefly picture, pictures of fireflies, Eerie pictures of fireflies in the Forests of Nagoya, Look at these magical and eerie long exposure pictures of fireflies in the forests of Nagoya City Japan. As if the trees were full of fairies or yellow orbs, fireflies pictures, haunting firefly picture, pictures of firefliesvideo
These are neither orbs nor fairies flying between trees! No, these are eerie long exposure photographs of fireflies in a forest near Nagoya City, Japan. By keeping the camera’s shutter open at a low aperture...

What is Wind? And Where the Hell Does it Come From? It is a Destructive and Beautiful Planet-Shaping Force

As Joe Hanson points out in the latest episode of "It's Okay to Be Smart," wind can be as destructive and powerful, cold as it is beautiful. But it's...

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