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Daily Archives: Jun 14, 2013

Geological Oddity: The Mysterious Musical Stones of Ringing Rocks Park in Pennsylvania

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What is the sound of a rock? What's the rock sound? Can you imagine playing music with rocks? Have you ever heard stones ringing? Well listen to this ROCK CONCERT! Incredible, no?...

Rumbles Following Mysterious Explosion at Geismar Louisiana Petrochemical Plant – June 13 2013

  An enormous and mysterious explosion rocked the surroundings of Geismar, Louisiana, a Mississippi River community about 20 miles southeast of Baton Rouge at 8:37 a.m. The blast was followed by...

Sun Tornadoes: NASA Records Video of Twisters on the Sun

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Is it also tornado season on the sun? In June 2013, a 38-hour tornadic incident also burst on the sun. Watch the plasma whirling through a magnetic dance across the Sun's...

Wildlife Overpasses Around the World: A Green Way to Cope with Nature and Wilderness

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There are roads for animals passing over roads for humans Discover some of the most amazing wildlife overpasses around the world. Wildlife overpasses, green bridges and ecoducts are structures that have been built...

Do Massive Earthquakes Increase the Risk of New Tremblors?

Do Massive Earthquakes Increase the Risk of New Tremblors? This is what we actually think. However, the answer to this question is: not always! In fact, one recent quake near...

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