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Daily Archives: Jun 16, 2013

Mysterious Booms in UK: Residents of Cambourne, Essex and Royston Rocked by Sonic Booms

Unexplained Booms Compilation, KA-BOOM, boom, booms, skyquake, strange sounds, mysterious booms, mystery booms, weird booming sounds
People in the area of Cambourne, Essex and Royston were reporting a double 'Boom Boom' which shook windows and houses! The first boom was a really loud one followed...

This is not Windows Media Player but a New Amazing Black Hole Simulation From NASA

This animation of supercomputer data takes you to the inner zone of the accretion disk of a stellar-mass black hole. It was put together by the folks at NASA....

This Fascinating Video Shows How an Underwater Explosion Looks Like

underwater nuclear explosion: Operation Crossroads Baker
Underwater explosions are, in general, much more dangerous than those in air.  This amazing video from Kazutaka Kitagawa from the Aichi Institute of Technology shows an underwater blast at 30,000 fps,...

The Tree Circus: See the World’s Famous and Amazing Trees Here

most amazing trees, famous trees, amazing trees, weird trees, most famous trees, impressive trees
Amazing trees exist all over the world. Most of them have become tourist attractions because of their location, age, size, weird appearance, historical events or because of strange uses by...

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