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Daily Archives: Jun 17, 2013

Amazing Video of Exploding Transformers During the Magnitude 5.8 Quake in Mexico City – June 16 2013

A moderate earthquake hit southern Mexico early Sunday, shaking buildings in the capital of Mexico City and sending frightened people into the streets. There were no early reports of...

Loud Boom Advisory: Military Exercices in New Zealand From 17th to 26th June 2013

Update loud booms in Christchurch: It seems that people around Christchurch heard loud booms yesterday night at around 11.45 at night. They are linked to police trainings. However, I...

A Crazy Chinese Tries to Find a Gas Leak with his Lighter!

Ethereal: Noctilucent clouds
A leaking gas line can be dangerous. Regular checks are therefore essential. This amazing video shows a chinese guy trying to find the origin of a gas leak by using his...

The Mysterious Sailing Stones of the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley

sailing stones death valley, death valley sailing stones, The mysterious Sailing Stones of Death Valley National Park, Pierres mouvantes, Pierres mouvantes vallée de la mort, Mystery of Death Valley's Sailing Stones Solved,video
Have geologists finally figured out how Death Valley's 'sailing stones' move across the desert all by themselves? A NASA geologist believes he has finally found the answer. The sailing stones found...

Sinkhole Compilation Around the World: New Zealand, USA (Kansas), Canada (Saskatchewan) – June 2013

Jockey and horse lucky to survive as 6m-deep sinkhole opens beneath them during race - June 15 2013 (VIDEO) A race horse stumbled into a 6m-deep sewerage hole which opened...

Earthquake Booms: Laboratory Experiments Confirm that Supershear Earthquakes can go Boom!

supershear earthquake, supershear earthquake sound, sound of supershear earthquake, supershear earthquake goes boom, supershear earthquake loud boom, supershear earthquake mysterious boom, supershear earthquake noisevideo
  Earthquake booms have been reported since the beginning of time. But experimental and scientific explanations of this strange phenomenon were lacking. Now it is done! For the first time ever, scientists...

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