This is a baffling medical mystery… Or a hoax!

Twinkle Dwivedi is the Girl Who Cries Blood! What? Yes this Indian girl cries blood!

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This 14 years old girl named Twinkle Dwivedi is a typical teenager in everyway except for one: Blood spontaneously oozes from her eyes, feet and head. Yes, you are not dreaming! Blood is coming out of her pores!

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As National Geographic reports in the video, this mysterious bleeding started when she was 11. Twinkle Dwivedi may bleed up to 14 times a day.

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Many doctors are baffled by this medical strangeness. To understand the disorder, they have undertaken countless tests and procedures, including blood transfusions but to no avail.

And what about real mermaids?

Well my question to you now! What’s behind this medical mystery? Do you have any ideas of what it could be? Is this a hoax?

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  1. This strange occurrence that is happening to Twinkle is a curse that is placed on her. I am a alternative therapist who deal with women and this types of strange occurrences are 99% of the time from a curse.


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