Red foxes are adorable animals, but sometimes, they can really scare you for life!

OMG, listen to their creepy screams!

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Red fox head while screaming. Photo: Youtube

But what strange creature is screaming like this? A chupacabra? If you are living around a forest, you already know. But for the others: It’s only a cute little red fox screaming! Yes this hell of a sound was just made by a little red fox!

Think I’m overreacting? Have you ever seen one do it? Here’s the visual

In case you missed it, the red fox’s face when it makes that sound is the top image. OMG, it’s scary! There is a kind of resemblance with the next one, no?

fox snatcher, fox scream video, fox snatcher video, Fox Snatcher movie. Photo: Youtube
Fox Snatcher movie. Photo: Youtube

Do you know other frightening animal sounds? Submit them in the comments!

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