Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is shrinking, thus becoming more circular.

The reason why the montrous storm is vanishing is however unknown.

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A zoom in of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot by Nasa’s Hubble Telescope.

The new images from the Hubble Space Telescope show that the Great Red Spot is shrinking thus becoming more circular.

The strongest storm in the solar system lost about 150 miles in diameter in a single year. But it is still an amazing 10,000 miles in diameter – the size of two or three Earths.

However scientists don’t understand why the size of the giant storm – with winds up to 340 mph – continues to decrease.

Nasa’s scientists would also like to understand if the Great Red Spot will ever disappear completely. At this point, they don’t know when, or even if, it will disappear.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has been there since at least the late 1870s and was much bigger then.

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