Aliens knew what they were doing when they landed in New Mexico all those years ago. Weird things have been popping up in the Land of Enchantment since forever. Besides the ‘Taos Hum‘, one of the most baffling discoveries is a tribe of Native Americans who happen to speak a language unlike any around them: Japanese!

zuni mysterious language, Zuni natives in New Mexico
Zuni natives in New Mexico. via Wikipedia

OK, maybe the Zuni people aren’t speaking Japanese-Japanese, but there are enough similarities between the two languages that a few experts are spooked. The theory of a Japanese/Native American connection came about when graduate student Nancy Yaw Davis took an anthropology class on Southwestern Native American culture. She noticed that some Zuni words sounded a hell of a lot like Japanese words, and at a rate way above random chance. For example, the Zuni word for “clan” is “kwe,” while in Japanese it is “kwai.” The word for “clown” is “newe” in Japanese and “niwaka” in Zuni. “Priest” is “shawani” in Japanese and “shiwani” in Zuni.

And then there was the whole syntax thing: both languages use the verb as the last word of a sentence, a feature only 45 percent of languages share. That may not seem like a lot, but considering the Zuni language is nothing like the languages of the people who surround it, it’s a pretty odd connection.

So then Davis really started digging, and that was when she discovered all kinds of spooky crap: like that both the Zuni and the Japanese share frequency of Type B blood, a rare kidney disease and specific oral traditions about their origins. So her theory is that sometime around the 12th century Buddhist missionaries made it all the way to California and traveled inland. Somehow.

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  1. This article does not make any sense whatsoever.

    Does that mean that other’s also don’t?

    I think I just might stop reading

  2. The Americas are too big to have been missed by every sailor worldwide until 1492..Egyptians in the Grand Canyon,Buddists in New Mexico,Northern Europeans in Wisconsin..The Truth is out there

  3. the Japanese are a mix of many different peoples from the hairy Ainu of the north to the people of Okinawa with their quaint accent down south…don’t paint with too big a brush…

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  5. Why no DNA testing? That is the closest thing to a mystery here. DNA testing could potentially disprove this theory, ending the “enigma.” Anybody whose dedication to science outweighs their dedication to profit from a work of fiction would have done DNA testing from thr outset.


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