Miners at the Mokhovsky coal mine have found 3 mysterious spherical stones while digging for coal. They three stone balls are 30 to 60 centimeters in diameter and weigh between 10 and 40 kilograms. Crazy!

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Mysterious spherical stones discovered during excavation in Russian coal mine.

The tree stone balls are now at the Museum. Their exact ages still have to be determined. According to preliminary investigations, the balls consist of nodules cemeted in sedimentary rocks.

Such monolithic formations have already been found in various parts of the world such as on remote Arctic island, Mexico, Brazil, Bosnia, Costa Rica, China, Scotland, and New Zealand. Now, these so-called mysterious “balls of the gods” have also been discovered in Kuzbass, Russia.

It is good to remember that a weird stone disk and petrified trunks were found 2015 on the site of the same Mokhovsky mine.

This coal mine hides rock balls and other mysterious tresors… What’s next, please?

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Kem – На разрезе в Кузбассе нашли загадочные шары


  1. These are sandstone concretions. Learn some geology before saying it is “crazy”. They are very common and nonmysterious.


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