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Extremely rare rainbow in the Namib desert captured during extreme thunderstorms

rainbow desert, rainbow namib desert, rainbow desert forster, rainbow desert photo forster, extremely rare rainbow in Namib desert photo
A rainbow forming in the desert! Can you imagine that? Believe it or not, but Swiss photographer Stefan Forster captured an extremely rare rainbow in the Namib desert during extreme thunderstorms that...

This magpie sounds like a little girl laughing! That is really creepy!

This is unreal! OMG! This magpie sounds like a little girl laughing! And I find it out-of-this-world! And this bird can also sing computer games! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

4 giant underwater volcanoes discovered off coast of Sydney, Australia

underwater volcanoes sydney, underwater volcanoes discovered off sydney, 4 underwater volcanoes sydney, underwater volcanoes discovered off sydney, volcanoes discovered off sydney, sydney underwater volcanoes, Discovery of 4 extinct volcanoes likely to be 50 million years old about 250 kilometres off the coast of Sydneyvideo
Four enormous underwater volcanoes, thought to be about 50 million years old, have been discovered off the coast of Sydney, Australia. The four volcanoes are calderas, large bowl-shaped craters caused when...

Three meteor showers start in July 2015: Perseids, Alpha Capricornids, Delta Aquariids

Perseid meteor shower, perseids, perseids picture, perseid meteor shower photo, A composite photograph made from several long exposures of the Perseid meteor shower reaching its peak at the megalithic circle at Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain
There are 3 meteor showers starting in July 2015. Alpha Capricornids, Perseids and Delta Aquariids. That promises a lot of awesome natural light shows! Alpha Capricornids, active from July 11 to August 10,...

Sometimes I am a believer!

church milky way, church milky way photo, best church photo, amazing church photo, milky way over church photo, believer church milky way, A church below a milky way halo
Sometimes I believe in the forces of nature... And its awesomeness! Thanks to Treasure State Photography by Arron Booth for this amazing pictures of a lonely church, some green auroras?, and a kind...

Alien glow-worm caves in New Zealand and just hypnotizing

glow worm new zealand, glow worm cave new zealand, alien glow worm cave nz, glow worm cave nz, glow worm nz
It's just stunning how these glow worms hypnotize me! Look at the following pictured of New Zealand's magical glow-worm caves. Mind-blowing! This pictures are part of Luminosity project, a long-exposure photography essay...

And suddenly the sky opened up over Yellowstone National Park

milky way photo, milky way picture, milky way image, astrophotography, astrophotography david lane, david lane photo
Just an amazing picture by David Lane of the Milky Way over Yellowstone National Park. A path through geysers leading to Nirvana! Awesome! Find more of his astrotrophotography blog. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Loud and mysterious noise in the sky of Cochabamba, Bolivia

Mysterious noise in the sky of Cochabamba Bolivia, Mysterious noise in the sky of Cochabamba, Mysterious noise in the sky of Bolivia, Ruidos de trompetas en el cielo de Cochabamba 2015, Captan strange sounds from the skies of Cochabambavideo
This loud and mysterious noise baffled residents of Cochabamba, Bolivia on July 6, 2015. It is said that the strange sounds from the sky rang from 4 to 5 am waking...

Man-made meteor: Scientists can create fireballs on demand – Our world is going wrong, really wrong!

man-made fireball, artificial fireball, geminid fireball, Geminid Fireball over Mount Balang by Alvin Wu, shooting stars on demand, on-demand meteor showers
Scientists say they can create meteors on demand! With an undisclosed chemical mixture that the team hopes to eject from a satellite to create meteor showers on-demand. A Japanese start-up company...

Huge hole swallows bridge in Paradise township

bridge collapse, bridge collapse news, sinkhole swallows bridge at Paradise Stream Resort, sinkhole swallows bridge pennsylvania, sinkhole bridge PARADISE TOWNSHIP video, sinkhole swallows bridge PARADISE TOWNSHIP july 2015video
A huge hole has opened up on bridge in Paradise Township after the brutal storms that hit the Poconos last week. It was fast and furious and I a glad...

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