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Cross-shaped cloud forms in the sky over Trussville, Alabama

cross-shaped cloud, cross-shaped cloud alabam, cross s picture, cross shaped cloud alabama picture, cross shaped cloud november 3 2015 picture, And suddenly a cross appeared in the sky of Alabama, Judy Smith captured this holy cloud while driving in Trussville on November 3, 2015, Do you know what kind of cloud formation made this cross in the sky?
An amazing cross-shaped cloud formed over Trussville, Alabama on November 3, 2015. Do you know what kind of cloud it is? What an awesome cross-shaped cloud formation... Hopefully no spayings of any sorts. Follow...

Millions of starfish killed by mysterious disease that is causing sea stars to commit suicide

mystery disease kills starfish pacific, Sea Star Wasting Disease, why millions of sea star die along pacific coast, starfish die-off pacific, pacific coast sea star mass kill,video
Millions of starfish along the Pacific coast are dying due to a mysterious disease that causes the sea stars to devour themselves. Scientists worked over the last two years to finally determine...

Family of 10 pilot whales strands on a beach of Calais, France

10 whales stranded calais, whales dead calais, whale stranding calais, exceptional whale stranding calais, whale stranding calais france, whale dead calais november 2015, whale stranding calais november 2 2015video
A family of 10 pilot whales stranded on the beach of Calais on November 2, 2015. 6 are now dead and 4 were saved in this race against time. Morning walkers discovered ten...

Mysterious cloud appears in the sky of China baffling witnesses

mysterious cloud china, question mark in the sky of china, question mark cloud china, ufo november 2015, alienspaceship november 2015, ufo sighting november 2015
What is this mysterious cloud that appeared at 7:55am and disappeared at 9am on November 1, 2015? A UFO? A plane? An alien's baby? or just a large question mark in the sky?...

Mammatus clouds are awesome and terrifying in pictures

mammatus, mammatus clouds, mammatus pictures, mammatus clouds nsw, mammatus clouds nsw australia, mammatus clouds november 2015, mammatus clouds october 2015, mammatus pics 2015
These mammatus clouds images were taken by nature photographers before or after heavy storms around the world. Enjoy and imagine being there just for fun. I thought you would enjoy this...

Sinai plane crash: Satellite captures heat flash over the Sinai peninsula as Russian jet crashed

plane crash sinai, sinai plane crash, sinai mystery plane crash, plane crash mysteriously in sinai, russian plane crash sinai, sinai russian plane crash, terrorist attack sinai plane crashvideo
A satellite captured a flash of infrared activity over the Sinai peninsula at the time the Russian plane crashed. The heat flash is consistent with an explosion of some kind...

Fascinating volcanic lightning at Colima volcano in Mexico

volcanic lightning, volcano lightning, volcano lightning picture, volcanic lightning colima, volcanic lightning colima volcano, volcanic lightning november 2015, colima volcano eruption october 2015, volcano lightning , lightning volcano picture, This intense volcanic lightning was caught by Thorsten Boeckel on October 28, 2015 at Colima Volcano in Mexico
On October 28, 2015, the Colima volcano erupted at night. And photographer Thorsten Boeckel captured a violent display of volcanic lightning. Fascinating. Here a timelapse video of eruptive phases of Colima Volcano recorded...

Massive fireball strikes the sky of Bangkok on November 2 2015 (videos)

meteor bangkok november 2 2015, fireball bangkok video, fireball bangkok november 2 2015 video, giant fireball bangkok video nov 2 2015, nov 2 2015 bangkok fireball
A massive fireball lit up the sky of Bangkok, Thailand on November 2, 2015. Watch the following videos of this spectacular meteor disintegration. The giant fireball lit up the sky of...

Giant sinkhole kills couple in Coquimbo, Chile

sinkhole coquimbo, sinkhole coquimbo chile, sinkhole coquimbo kills two, sinkhole coquimbo november 2015 kills couple, couple killed by sinkhole coquimbo chila, coquimbo chile sinkhole kills 2video
Two people have been killed after driving in a giant sinkhole in Coquimbo, Chile. According to preliminary investigations, the huge cavity may have been created by  the earthquake and tsunami that...

A contrail shadow at sunset is just out of this world

contrail shadow, contrail shadow at sunset, contrail shadow at sunset picture, picture of contrain shadow at sunset, colarado contrail shadow, contrail shadow colorado october 31 2015 photo, The shadow of a twisting contrail appears under some clouds in the sky of Colorado
On October 31, 2015, a weird phenomenon was captured by Larry Perkins in the sunset sky of Penrose, Colorado. The Sun, just below the horizon was casting a shadow of a plane contrail...

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