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Exceptional summer snow at the Whistler peak excites social media

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The long and hot summer in British Columbia had a brutal ending. Snow fell on Wednesday, September 2nd at the peak of Whistler. The snowfall began Wednesday and will continue tonight. September...

What is this mysterious giant blob found underwater in Turkey?

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A group of divers found a translucent bubble about the size of a car on the west coast of Turkey. The bubble was soft, gelatinous, almost totally tranluscent. But what...

Alien corpse discovered near nuclear plant in Russia baffles scientists

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I would say it is a kind of mutant chicken embryo. But researchers appear to have discounted that theory. It seems that this corpse is neither fish nor fowl – this creature has...

Apocalyptical Hailstorm kills 300 flamingoes in Albacete, Spain

300 flamingoes killed by hailstomr in spain, flamingo hailstorm spain, hailstorm kills 300 falmingoes in lagoon of Pétrola, flamingo death hailstomr spain, 300 dead flamingoes hailstorm spain video, video 300 falmingoes dea, 300 flamingoes killed by hailstomrs in spain, 300 flamingoes killed by hail in Albacete, albacete hailstorm september 2015, Some of the 300 flamingoes found dead at lagoon of Pétrola, Albacete,
Nowadays, hailstorms are destructive... killer storms. The latest in date killed over 300 flamingoes in the region of Albacete, Spain. Fierce hailstorms have affected numerous regions of Spain over the past...

Mysterious death of 60,000 saiga antelopes in 4 days baffles Kazakhs scientists

saiga antelopes die-off, saiga antelopes die-off Kazakhstan, saigas dead, dead saigas die-off, mysterious saigas mass die-off Kazakhstan, In May 2015, nearly half of all the saiga antelopes died-off mysteriously in Kazakhstan
Within 4 days, 60,000 antelopes have died in Kazakhstan. And the worst is that nobody knows why. In May 2015, nearly half of all the highly endangered saiga antelopes died offs, a...

Loud boom, sonic boom and UFO AtlasV rocket launching

atlasv launch, atlasv launch photo, atlasv launch video, atlasv launch september 2 2015, atlasv launch florida, atlasv launch september 2015, atlasv launch cape canaveral florida september 2 2015,
The AtlasV rocket launching from Cape Canaveral this morning was out-of-this-world. On the menu: a loud sonic boom and a space shuttle that flies into another dimension. What you see on...

Biblical floods kill at least 21 and force 1.5 million people to flee in northeastern India

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Monsoonal floods are wreaking havok on northeastern India's Assam state between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Up to now, this biblical flooding has killed at least 21 people and 800,000 others had to flee. The...

Stunning sky phenomena in September 2015: Blood moon lunar eclipse, Neptune at opposition, bright Venus and Mars, Saturn visible at nightfall

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September's most-famous astronomical event is the autumnal equinox, which will occur this year on Wednesday, Sept. 23. And we will move toward the shorter days of winter. But there are also...

The anchor hawse hole of the sunken USS Saratoga looks like a giant fish’s mouth

Anchor Hawse Hole, USS Saratoga, Anchor Hawse Hole USS Saratoga, USS Saratoga photos, Anchor Hawse Hole USS Saratoga photos, Diver at Anchor Hawse Hole at Bow of USS Saratoga, Bikini Atoll, Micronesia, Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands, A diver just in front of the giant fish's mouth. Photo: Reinhart Dirscherl
The anchor hawse hole of the USS Saratoga sunken in the Bikini Atoll, Micronesia, Marshall Islands is out of this world. It really looks like a giant fish's mouth ready to...

5700 earthquakes rattle Nevada since July 2015 and baffle scientists

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A mysterious swarm of more than 5700 earthquakes is rattling northwestern Nevada since July 2015. Such a seismic activity is rare anywhere. But it's impossible to know if it will culminate with...

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