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The smiling Cheshire Cat will stop laughing in a few 100 million years

Cheshire Cat, Cheshire Cat picture, Cheshire Cat gallaxy picture, Cheshire Cat galaxy, Cheshire Cat galactic collision, Cheshire Cat gallaxies collision, giant galactic collision Cheshire Cat, the Cheshire Cat gallaxies
This group of galaxies looks like a smiling Cheshire Cat with X-rays (violet). But the Cat will stop laughing as its “eyes” will collide in less than a billion years. The...

Hurricane Sandra beats all records and will make landfall in Mexico on November 29, 2015

hurricane sandra, hurricane sandra landfall, hurricane sandra november 2015, hurricane sandra records, hurricane sandra breaks records, creepy hurricane sandra, hurricane sandra landfall mexico november 2015, Hurricane Sandra should make landfall in Mexico on November 29, 2015. Photo: National Hurricane Centervideo
Hurricane Sandra will make landfall in Mexico on November 29, 2015. And Sandra beats almost all possible records. Read below! And here the records: Record 1. #Sandra (125 kts) is now tied with...

First twin mysterious extragalactic signals detected by the Parkes radio telescope in Australia

twin fast radio burst, twin fast radio burst detected, twin fast radio burst november 2015, More mysterious extragalactic signals detected, More mysterious extragalactic signals detected at parkes telescope in australia, Five more fast radio bursts have been detected at the Parkes radio telescope in Australia november 2015, alien message detected at parkes in november 2015, mysterious alien burst detected at parkes to reveal mysterious origin of fast radio burst, Five more mysterious extragalactic signals detected comprising the first ever twin fast radio burst were detected at the Parkes radio telescope in Australia
Astronomers at the Parkes radio telescope in Australia detected the first twin mysterious extragalactic signals, accompanied by 4 usual but unexplained fast radio bursts. These new mysterious blasts of radio waves from...

New Madrid County shaken by 12 earthquakes in less than 24 hours… OMG

12 earthquakes new madrid missouri november 25 2015, 12 earthquakes shake new madrid missouri november 25 2015, 12 earthquake marston missouri, 12 earthquakes shake near Marston MO november 25 2015, missouri earthquake swarm november 25 2015, new madrid county 12 earthquakes november 2015, series of 12 earthquakes shake new madrid county on november 25 2015video
New Madrid County - just northeast of Marston and south of Lilbourn - has been shaken by a series of 12 earthquakes on November 25, 2015. And as you know,...

Beaver Full Moon radiates amazing single and double halos around the world

Full Beaver Moon, november 2015 full moon pictures, lunar corona full moon november 2015, lunar halo beaver full moon november 2015 picture, full moon corona, full moon halo november 2015, lunar halo beaver full moon november 2015, lunar corona full moon november 2015, Etruscan Vase Moonrise picture, Perfect atmospheric conditions in Maine led to an Etruscan Vase Moonrise of the Full Beaver Moon., This colourful lunar corona captured in Canada shows beautiful gradations from blue to orange, This picture of November 2015 full moon over Latvia could be used in a horror movie, Again the colorful lunar corona appeared in the sky of Plavinas, What an impressive halo around the Full moon., blue full moon halo in the sky of New Dehli, awesome double halo around the Beaver Full Moon in the sky of South Carolina
The Beaver Full moon illuminated Earth's sky on November 25, 2015. And the Full Moon radiated amazing single and double coronas in different places around the world. Haunting and beautiful pictures. Were you...

Is this the first noctilucent cloud of 2015? Eerie iridescent cloud appears in the sky of Japan after rocket launch

strange cloud rocket japan, strange iridecent cloud japan november 24 2015, rocket creates iridescent noctilucent cloud in Japan, first noctilucent cloud of november 2015, japan rocket creates weird cloud in us, mysterious cloud baffles japan, japan mysterious cloud november 24 2015 rocket launchvideo
On November 24, 2015, a mysterious cloud appeared in the US sky and baffled stargazers looking for Comet Catalina. The following pictures feature what happened in the sky of Japan...

This is the largest environmental disaster of Brazil

largest environmental disaster brazil, mining disaster bento rodriges, largest environmental disaster brazil: bento rodriges, The Worst Environmental Disaster in Brazil History, brazil mining disaster worst in history, bento rodriges worst environmental disaster brazil november 2015, pollution of mining disaster reaches atlantic oceanvideo
On November 5, 2015 the dam holding residue from an iron ore mine collapsed flooding the city of Bento Rodrigues in toxic mud. Now the 62 million cubic meters of...

Mysterious cloud appears in the sky of 6 US States baffling stargazers

strange cloud, This mysterious cloud in the sky of New Mexico was shot by Glen Wurden on November 24 2015, ufo cloud, japan rocket cloud usa, ufo cloud november 24 2015, mysterious clouds us sky november 24 2015, mystery cloud japanese rocket, japanese rocket surprises skywatchers, Japanese H-IIA successfully lofts Telstar 12V
A mysterious cloud suddenly appeared in the sky on November 24, 2015. And it baffled a whole lot of stargazers over at least 6 US states. Do you know what...

Millions of spiders invade Memphis creating a half-mile long spider web

memphis spider, memphis spider november 2015, millions of spiders invade memphis, spiders infest memphis, memphis spiders problems, memphis spider plaguevideo
Millions of spiders are currently infesting a neighborhood in Memphis. And have built up a nearly half-mile long spider web to live in. May Street and Chelsea Avenue in Memphis are infested...

Fiery lenticular cloud appears during sunset in the sky over Letojanni, Italy

lenticular clouds italy, lenticular clouds lotejanni italy, lenticular clouds etna italy, sky on fire, lenticular cloud picture, This fiery lenticular cloud formed in the sunset sky of Italy on November 21 2015
The sky is on fire. On November 21, 2015, these incredible lenticular clouds appeared in the sky over Letojanni, near the Etna in Italy. Two weeks ago, an army of lenticular clouds...

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