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Michigan must be the new California: Rare earthquake boom rattles lower Michigan

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This is the second rare quake in less than two months to shake the Wolverine state. A region which is fairly stranger to earthquakes! A M3.3 shallow earthquake jolted lower Michigan...

Just a view of a record stylus on the grooves of a LP

record stylus groove LP, record groove, Just a view from an electron microscope of a record stylus on the grooves of an LP, Incredible microscope view of a vinyl record playing in slow motionvideo
I've been listening to vinyl for years and years and it still blows my mind that we can make that make sound... Watch this incredible microscope view of a vinyl...

Helium leaks from huge massive Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in Los Angeles – doom?

helium leak los angeles Newport-Inglewood Fault, helium leak los angeles, massive fault leaks helium, helium is leaking from massive earthquake fault near LA, LA earthquake fault helium leak, helium leak california
Helium LEAKS from a massive earthquake fault in Los Angeles raising fears that the 'Big One' could be more devastating than previously thought. This helium leak reveals the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone...

Latest unexplained strange sounds from the sky in June 2015: Romania, USA, New Zealand

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Here the last reports of unexplained strange sounds from the sky heard around the world! What do you think they are? For an updated list visit our strange noise page! June 24...

Rare earthquake strikes Canton, Mississippi – Charleston earthquake in sight?

canton earthquake june 29 2015, canton earthquake june 2015, madison county earthquake june 29 2015, mississippi earthquake june 29 2015, canton mississippi earthquake june 2015
A rare earthquake rattled Canton, Mississippi on June 29, 2015. With the last month two earthquakes (3.2M and 3.0M), the region is really waking up! Sign of a new Charleston...

Mysterious fireball strikes over Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. Or space junk?

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A mysterious fireball appeared in the sky of Georgia , South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee on June 29, 2015. The weird object was spotted around 1:30 a.m. with a long tail of...

Another giant dust storm engulfs Phoenix, Arizona – First in 2015!

dust storm phoenix june 27 2015, sand storm phoenix june 27 2015, habboob phoenix june 27 2015, first sandstomr arizona june 2015, first haboob phoenix 2015video
On June 27, 2015, the first duststorm of 2015 engulfed the city of Phoenix in Arizona! Watch the apocalyptic pictures and video! Awesome! Metro Phoenix residents were slammed by wind and...

Just some trucks being swept away by a tornado in Eolia, Missouri

tornado eolia missouri, tornado st-louis missouri, tornado eolia missouri june 28 2015, tornado missouri trucks, tornado st-louis missouri june 28 2015video
The tornado in Eolia, Missouri was so strong that it almost lifted trucks in the air! Yes, that is insane! The tornado spitted up debris as it crossed the road right...

Sinkhole apocalypses in Florida, Hawaii and Turkey: Residents alarmed and anxious

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Giant sinkholes are opening around the world terrifying inhabitants and baffling geologists. Within the last few days, multiple sinkhole apocalypses forced the evacuation of several homes in Port Richey in Florida, a...

5 Mysterious bee mass die-offs within one week in Portland, Oregon

portland bee die-off, oregon portland bee die-off, oregon bee die-offfifth bee mass die-off in portland in a week, bee mass kill portland oregon june 2015
Within a few days, thousands of bees died in Portland. But the cause remains unexplained! And scientists are baffled!  Corinne Fletcher stepped outside her apartment building Friday morning to find a...

Terrifying moment lightning strikes passenger plane in Singapore

lightning hits plane, lightning hits plane video, gopro lightning hits plane, lightning hits plane gopro, lightning hits plane gopro videovideo
This is the terrifying moment a passenger catches on his GoPro camera a lightning striking the plane he is sitting in! Watch how scary it is when the wing of...

2 million bats live under the Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas

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The largest urban bat colony lives under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas. The colony is made up of an estimated 2.0 million Mexican free-tailed bats! Now look at the 2...

291 wildfires in Alaska right now! Results of temperature anomaly of May 2015?

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There are about 300 wildfires raging in Alaska right now! Are they related to the record heat anomaly of may 2015? Yes of course! The heat wave that engulfed Alaska in...

Green flash over a strange looking sun in San Francisco

green flash, green flash photo, green flash weird sun photo, green flash over weird sun, green flash sun, green flash san francisco, Weird green flash over a sliced sun in San Francisco. Photo: Mila Zinkova
All green flashes are mirages! But when some slice of the sun lift up and turns green than it's amazing! The sun is sliced or even layered. The green flashes are...

In 5 days Shell will start drilling for gas and oil in the Arctic… You remember Deepwater Horizon?

save the arctic, save the arctic greenpeace, greenpeace save the arctic, shell to drill in arctic, shell drill arctic, shell oil and gas arctic june 2015, polar bear save the arctic
There is no much time before Shell will start drilling in the home of polar bears for oil and gas. Act now before the region is subjected to potentially irreversible...

That is what happens when you listen to Adele! OMG!

This is what happens when you listen to Adele while driving on Mount Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia during high winds! Crazy nature! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Mysterious loud boom and rumbles baffle residents of Turakina to Waitotara in New Zealand

mystery boom Wangnaui City, mystery boom Wangnaui City new zealand, mystery boom new zealand, mystery boom new zealand june 2015, mysterious boom and rumblings new zealand june 23 2015, loud bang new zealand, mystery around booms in new zealand, new zealand plagued by mysterious booms and rumblings june 2015
What was this mysterious loud boom followed by rumbles heard and felt by residents in the wider Wanganui region, New Zealand, on June 23, 2015? The unexplained sound was reported...

A crow can clean its garbages! Can we?

crow garbage, crow cleans garbage, crow throws garbage, crow garbage picture, crow clean its table, crow garbage story
A crow can do it! Can we?   Bravo crow! We should follow the example! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Lake Texoma is being drained like a giant bathtub

Here's a very unique view of an intake vortex - giant whirlpool - created as water enters the Denison Dam spillway on Lake Texoma. The rare vortex is about eight...

Biblical locust plague blots out the sun in Russia

locust swarm russia, locust swarm russia june 2015, apocalyptic locust swarm russia june 2015, insect plague russia june 2015, biblical locust plague russia, Biblical locust plague blots out the sun in Russiavideo
This is not a swarm of birds! No this is an apocalyptic invasion of locusts in the Astrakhan region, Southern Russia. Have you ever experienced such a crazy locust plague? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Is this an UFO? Unknown object flies in Twillight aurora!

ufo aurora, moving cloud in aurora, aurora ufo, are ufo flying through aurorasvideo
Is this an UFO? What is this ghostly cloud-like object moving in an arc through the aurora? This is the closest thing I have seen to a UFO! As reported by many viewers,...

What is this strange light dancing within a thunderstorm cloud in Greenwood, Indiana?

strange light clouds Greenwood Indiana, strange light clouds Greenwood Indiana video, video of strange light clouds Greenwood Indiana, crown flash, crown flash video, leaping sun dog, leaping sun dog videovideo
What is this strange light tornado twisting within a thunderstorm cloud over Greenwood, Indiana? Is this HAARP? An alien spaceship refueling over the clouds? Or just an another intriguing natural...

NASA is preparing to use nuclear nukes to protect Earth against asteroids

nasa asteroid, nasa asteroid nuke, nasa asteroid protection, nasa asteroid explosion protection, asteroid nasa protectionvideo
If a large asteroid were headed for Earth, how would we defend ourselves? We would just nuke them... And NASA has already signed a deal with the National Nuclear Security Administration for...

Apocalyptic thunderstorm with softball-sized hail and tornadoes in Rapid City, South Dakota

hailstorm, hailstorm video, hailstorm south dakota, hailstorm south dakota video, hailstorm south dakota photo, hailstorm south dakota june 19 2015video
Look at these amazing pictures and videos from a large supercell thunderstorm outbreak that ravaged Rapid City, South Dakota on June 19, 2015. The hailstones were very large, measuring near...

Animal mass die-offs news June 15 to 21 2015: Dolphins, whales, Jellyfish, red crabs – A whole ecosystem is collapsing!

dead dolphins, mass die-off news, mass die-off news june 2015, dolphin mass die-off, ecosystem collapse
Here the last animal mass die-offs reported in the news! To the menu: dolphin kills, mysterious whale deaths, strong El Nino killing fish and crabs... The aquatic ecosystem is collapsing! June...

A double rainbow gate to the next dimension has opened up over Sydney

double rainbow sydney, double rainbow over sydney, sydney double rainbow , sydney double rainbow photo, sydney double rainbow video, sydney double rainbow photo and videovideo
Sydney is already one of the most beautiful cities in the world! But it became even more spectacular when a double rainbow appeared over the beaches, harbor and city skylineon...