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Mass Die-Off

Posts on mystery mass die-offs happening around the world

Strange Nature Phenomenon: Fish Die-off In Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie: Millions of Fish Found Dead On Shorelines – March 1 2013

Erie, Pennsylvania, March 1 2013 - Officials say that the fish die-off (over a million fish have...

Mystery Mobula Ray Die-off in Gaza: Massacred Mobula Rays on one Beach of Gaza, Palestina

Dozens of Mobula Ray fish were mysteriously washed up on the beach in Gaza City yesterday and carted off to market by Palestinian fishermen. It was the first time...

Mysterious stranding of 50 Whales near Punta Arenas, Chile: 23 dead and 27 saved

Local fishermen and the Chilean Navy are working together to return 50 beached whales (now known to be false killer whales) to the sea. Some measure over six meters...

Apocalyptical and Mystery Fish Die-off in Icelandic Lake – February 5 2013

Horrible but true! Can you imagine a lake covered by dead fishes? Yes, I know, it seems weird and impossible, but people found yesterday morning 25,000 to 30,000 tons...

Extreme flooding, earthquakes, loud booms, mysterious fish deaths – January 20-29

A Sound of change video about extreme flooding, earthquakes, loud booms and much more that occured within the last week. Be safe!