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Posts on mystery mass die-offs happening around the world

Mysterious fish die-off in Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world, terrifies residents

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Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world occupying the caldera of a supervolcano on the Island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Millions of fish were found dead by...

Chile’s red tide and mass die-off video update

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A simple video about the red tide currently killing millions of sea organisms along the Pacific coast of Chile! Terrible situation. More links and news about the catastrophic red tide and...

Millions of molluscs killed by catastrophic red tide in Chile

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The region of Los Lagos, Chile is currently affected by a toxic red tide. The algae bloom has already killed hundreds tons of fish and now millions of molluscs are...

40,000 tonnes of salmon and 8,000 tonnes of sardines die along coastal Chile since beginning of 2016

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At least 40,000 tonnes of salmon and 8,000 tonnes of sardines died along the Pacific coast of Chile as a result of mysterious red tides caused by the extreme...

Hundreds of dead gulls mysteriously wash up on Lake Erie near Buffalo

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Hundreds of dead birds have been mysteriously washing up on the shore near Gallagher Beach and the Union Ship canal in Buffalo. The water surface is litterally covered with dead birds...

Terrifying Jellyfish Invasions In California And Denmark (Photos and Video)

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Right now, there are terrifying jellyfish invasions in California and Denmark! OMG! These weird creature invasions are probably linked to hot temperatures, water currents, winds... Or maybe something bigger happening...

Thousands of dead swordfish cover paradise Lopes Mendes beach, Brazil

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The Lopes Mendes Beach is considered the 8th most beautiful of the world, and 2nd most beautiful in Brazil. But on Monday, April 11, 2016, this idyllic place turned into...

Strange beaches: At Salton Sea sand is replaced by dead fish bones

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Beaches are normally covered with soft white or golden sand... At Salton Sea, dead fish bones have replaced sand over time... There is no sand in these pictures, just bones. The increasing salinity of...

Mysterious and Unexplained Phenomena: Sinkholes, Wildfires, Mass Die-Offs, Animal Attacks

Sinkhole Formations Sandbar collapses on Chickasawhay River in Greene County, Mississippi: Two 6-year-old boys disappear- MSN Missing man after ground slide on the American River near Sacramento, California - CBS Young boy almost dies after falling into sinkhole in Jackson, Mississippi...

Mystery booms in Cherokee and Outer Banks, North Carolina – A link to massive fish kill?

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Did you feel it? Did you hear it rumbling? Even the USGS is asking around about the cause of these mystery booms reported from the North Carolina coast to Delaware! And...

50 Dead Sharks Mysteriously Wash Ashore On Oak Island And Baffle Scientists (VIDEO)

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An unprecedent and baffling event has happened on Oak Island where beachgoers found the bodies of more than 50 dead sharks. The unidentified sharks range in size from one-foot to five-feet...

Extreme flooding, earthquakes, loud booms, mysterious fish deaths – January 20-29

A Sound of change video about extreme flooding, earthquakes, loud booms and much more that occured within the last week. Be safe!