Saturday, March 25, 2017

Live video! A killer whale giving birth to a calf, SeaWorld in San Diego – February 14 2013

Just enjoy! Kasatka giving birth to her 4th calf on Valentine's Day 2013. The gender and father have not been officially announced. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Weird nature: Some of the most incredible and unbelievable animals existing on Earth

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These pictures are not photoshopped! These animals are just amazing and nature unbelievable! The angora rabbit Do you recognize a rabbit in there? I do not! The weird Angora rabbit (from Ankara previously...

Strange Animal Behavior: It’s Raining Spiders in Brazil! OMG!

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The title of this video is "Raining spiders in Brazil", so very confusing. Probably someone wanting an internet buzz. But have a look at the footage... I'm not fearing bugs by...

Amazing Nature Spectacle: Bird Swarm Ballet in the Sky of Istanbul – Republic of Turkey

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This video features a bird swarm ballet in the sky of Istanbul! Watch this amazing nature spectacle! Last January, a huge flock of starlings blackened the sky over Istanbul. It seems...

Apocalyptical and Mystery Fish Die-off in Icelandic Lake – February 5 2013

Horrible but true! Can you imagine a lake covered by dead fishes? Yes, I know, it seems weird and impossible, but people found yesterday morning 25,000 to 30,000 tons...

Extreme flooding, earthquakes, loud booms, mysterious fish deaths – January 20-29

A Sound of change video about extreme flooding, earthquakes, loud booms and much more that occured within the last week. Be safe!

Incredible Nature: Birds Like School Fish in The Sky – EPIC Nature

Incredible footage, wonderful moves. Nature is just marvelous! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Birth of the world’s first “Liliger” in Siberia

discovery of oldest forest in the world in Zurich may 2013
Have you ever heard of "Liliger"? If not it is pretty normal, since the first one was born in a siberian zoo a few weeks ago and was named Kiara...