Friday, December 9, 2016

This bird sounds like a computer game!

As if birds weren't scary enough! It's slightly terrifying how much this curl-crested jay bird sounds like a computer! It's like a demon voice with computer sounds! Wow! Listen to this bird...

The Northern Grasshopper Mouse howls like a wolf (video)

Grasshopper Mouse howl, Grasshopper Mouse, northern Grasshopper Mouse, Grasshopper Mouse howls like a wolf, the howling mousevideo
These nocturnal field mice stand on their hind legs, put their heads back and howl like wolves. This is not from a Sci-Fi horror movie. No, these critters are loud, carnivorous...

52-hertz Whale: Strange Murmurs from the World’s Loneliest Whale

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Ever heard of the poor and lonely 52-hertz whale? Well, discover what's behing the mysterious weird noise! In 1989, William Watkins from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution noticed something unusual while sorting...

Whales Sound and Dolphins Song Records: Sounds in the Seas

whales and dolphins sounds, A vision for the Dolphins and Whales
Whales and dolphins are acoustic by nature and map out their world through sound. Listen to their diverse repertoire of sounds and song as you travel out to sea. The following...

Howling Coyotes: Hunter Howls and Coyotes Answer

Have you already heard howling coyotes? Well, listen to these! A hunter uses a coyote call in the woods and gets a blood-chilling response. I got goosebumps. What about you? Follow us...

Penguin Sounds: Listen To Honking Gentoo Penguins

gentoo penguin, gentoo penguins sound, penguin sounds, gentoos, gentoo penguins, gentoo penguins photo, Gentoo penguins jumping from iceberg in Antarctica. Photo: National Geographicvideo
Penguin sounds are used to greet and recognize one another. The calls sound like kid's birthday party horns. Listen to honking gentoo penguins! Gentoo penguins are not only known for being...

Basenji Dogs: Basenjis Don’t Bark – They Howl

basenji dog, basenji, basenji dog sound, basenji dog barkless, basenji dog bark, basenji dog strange sound, basenji noise, The basenji dog howlvideo
Basenji Dogs are barkless. They don’t bark, they yodel! The Basenji is a breed of dog native to Central Africa, utilized as a proficient hunter. It first left the Congo in...

Dancing Elephants: These Two Pachyderms Dance To The Sound Of Violin

dancing elephant, elephant dancing on violin, elephant violin dance, elephant dance to violin sound, elephant violin dance, Kelly and Viola are two elephants living at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo. And they dance to the sound of violin. Photo: Youtube video, elephant dansent sur du violon, elephant danse violon, elephant danse sur du violonvideo
Look at these dancing elephants! These two pachyderms really love violin! We all know that animals love music. You remember this farmer calling his cows playing trombone? Well I have here another...

Creepy Animal Sounds: What Creatures Scream Like That? It’s Terrifying!

mountain lion, mountain lion cub, mountain lion cubs, mountain lion sound, mountain lion scream, strange feline sound, strange sound in the forest, creepy animal sound, weird animal sound, terrifying animal sound, Are these cute mountain lion cubs making this terrifying scream? Photo: all-free-download.comvideo
Creepy animal sounds were recorded in this video. Maybe someone knows what creature makes these terrifying noises? The uploader of the video decided to leave a camera outside to record whatever...

Seal Sounds: The Cute Help Me Screams Of A Baby Seal In Distress

baby seal, seal pup, baby seal photo, seal pup photo, best baby seal photo, seal photo, A smiling baby seal or pup photo, photo of A smiling baby seal or pup, A smiling baby seal or pup!video
Listen to the cute baby seal sounds in distress! Although you would believe the baby seal is far away from its relative and friends, don't worry! They are not so...

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