Unprecedent toxic algae bloom threatens economy and ecology of West Coast of America

toxic algae west coast, toxic algae bloom west coast, Toxic algae may threaten West Coast marine economy for years, Microscopy photo of the the algae pseudo-nitzchia, which produces the toxic domoic acid. Photo: provided by NOAA Fisheriesvideo
Since a few months already, a large band of toxic algae is growing off the West Coast of the United States. The size of the unprecedent toxic algae bloom and the...

Thousands of fish mysteriously die on Sakhalin Island photos and video

dead fish russia, dead fish sakhalin russia, fish die-off russia october 2015, fish mass die-off russia 2015, fish wash ashore in russia october 2015, massive mass die-off fish sakhalin october 2015
But why did thousands fish die on beaches on the Tatar Strait? Nobody knows but thousands of eastern Sardines were swept onto the Sakhalin coastline and beaches were literally carpeted...

Two Bear Cubs Killed at Bern Zoo: First by Father, Second by Zoo Employee

bear cub killed in Bern zoo, bear cub killed by father and zoo in Bern, Bern zoo kills bear cub, bear cup killed by zoo in Bern, "Bear number three," the small bear cub at right, was killed by its father on April 2, 2014 (Tierpark Daehlhoelzli/Rando)
You would think that "so-called" bear experts would know what they are doing. Last January, two bear cubs were born in Dählhölzli zoo in Bern. The first cub in the photo...

Locust tornado just outside Lisbon – Incoming insect plague in Europe?

strange animal behavior: locust tornado may 2014, strange animal behavior: locust tornado (Bugnado) may 2014, strange insect behavior: bugnado or locust twister near lisbon may 2014, Bugnado in Lisbon may 2014, Is this a real tornado? No it is alive and made out of red locusts... A living bugnado! strange phenomenon: locust create huge column looking like a tornado near Lisbon may 2014, tornado of locust lisbon may 2014, locust tornado may 2014, lisbon locust tornado may 2014, strange phenomenon: locust tornado portugal may 2014, locust tornado lisbon portugal may 2014, strange animal behavior: locust tornado may 2014,
But what is going on with these lucusts? Why are they forming a twister-like column reaching up the sky of Lisbon? Yeah, this is really a weird phenomenon! Locusts, just...

Brazil is introducing genetically modified mosquitoes to fight dengue fever

Genetically modified mosquitoes to fight dengue fever in Brazil. Photo: Telegraph,
To fight dengue fever (mosquitoes), this Brasilian town is introducing genetically modified mosquitoes. WTF! The small Brazilian town of Jacobina is using engineered mosquito swarm to kill their own species....

Did thousands of birds detect an earthquake was about to hit Oklahoma?

oklahoma earthquake birds, oklahoma earthquake, oklahoma, oklahoma earthquake bird predictionvideo
Did thousands of birds detect an earthquake was about to hit Oklahoma? Thousands of birds were detected on Doppler radar taking a flight just 20 minutes before the M5.4 earthquake...

Giant boa constrictor weighing 52kg found in washing machine in China (video)

A boa constrictor weighing 52 kg was spotted resting in a washing machine in Chaozhou, China, on Oct 7, 2017. The woman heard some noise inside the washer. When she opened...

Biblical locust plague blots out the sun in Russia

locust swarm russia, locust swarm russia june 2015, apocalyptic locust swarm russia june 2015, insect plague russia june 2015, biblical locust plague russia, Biblical locust plague blots out the sun in Russiavideo
This is not a swarm of birds! No this is an apocalyptic invasion of locusts in the Astrakhan region, Southern Russia. Have you ever experienced such a crazy locust plague? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey

80 sheep suicide turkey, 80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey, 80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey picture, 80 sheep commit suicide in Turkey videovideo
80 sheep committed suicide in front of their astonished shepherd in Turkey on July 12, 2017. The weird incident occurred in the mountainous region of Muradiye in the south-east of...

Millions of starfish killed by mysterious disease that is causing sea stars to commit suicide

mystery disease kills starfish pacific, Sea Star Wasting Disease, why millions of sea star die along pacific coast, starfish die-off pacific, pacific coast sea star mass kill,video
Millions of starfish along the Pacific coast are dying due to a mysterious disease that causes the sea stars to devour themselves. Scientists worked over the last two years to finally determine...

Encrypted Nature: Behold The Butterfly Alphabet

butterfly alphabet, encrypted nature: butterfly alphabet, encrypted animal: butterfly alphabet, our world is full of amazing things, amazing things around the world, amazing nature, amazing nature and signs around the world, nature signs, nature encryption, amazing butterfly alphabet, Encrypted nature: Letters and numbers photographed on the wings of butterflies all around the world, Behold the butterfly alphabet
Here another example of how amazing our nature is! The butterfly alphabet! Cool! Nature photographer Kjell Bloch Sandved noticed one day that many of the butterfly wings he photographed strongly resembled...

Mysterious Mass Die-Off Of Cassin Auklets Along US And Canadian West Coasts Baffles Scientists

radioactive water responsible for mass die-off along west coast, bird west coast mass die-off linked to daiichi catastrophe, mysterious mass die-off birds west coast, thousands of birds wash up on west coast, west coast bird mass die-off, bird mass die-off west coast, Cassin auklets mass die-off west coast
There are actually more than 100'000 cassin auklets bodies accumulating along the West coasts - from California up to BC. And nobody seems to know why! It is a West...

Locust invasion in Saudi Arabia: Insects attack residents and cause panic in May 2014

Locust plague in Saudi Arabia - May 15 2014, Real images as taken from the Bible or a horror movie, Locust plague in Saudi Arabia - May 15 2014. Photo: Alerta Roja Noticias
Massive swarms of locusts invaded the Saudi capital Riyadh, attacking residents and causing panic, halting traffic in many parts, and prompting houses and companies to shut their doors and...

Strange Phenomenon: Australian Farm Invaded With Spiders After Terrible Flooding (VIDEO)

spider webs in Australia after flooding - November 2013, spider, spider web, australia spider web, australia flooding, australia flooding spider web, strange natural phenomenon: spider webs after floods in Australia, After a flood in Australia, spiders have gathered on affected areas near trees, covering vegetation of thousands of cobwebs. The result is also that the trees will eventually die if the paintings are too thick.
This looks like a peaceful farmhouse. It looks like a nearby field is softly draped in fog or snow. But the truth is actually terrifying: these lands have been...

Man Found Dead Inside A 23-Foot Python (Video)

A Man Was Found Dead Inside A 23-Foot Pythonvideo
In March, 25-year-old Akbar went missing during the palm oil harvest in Indonesia. The following day, his friends and co-workers went out looking for him. They came back with...

150,000 salmon die in Chile while thousands of dead fish appear in Colombia alarming fishermen

colombia die-off, colombia fish die-off, Thousands of dead fish were found on a 4-km beach in Colombia. via El Heraldo
Two apocalyptical mass die-offs occurred in the last two days in Chile and Colombia. While an 'algal bloom' killed some 170,000 salmon in Chile, another massive fish die-off occurred in the...

Leopard slug sex is freakingly weird

slug sex, slug sex life, sex slug, slug having sex, slug sex lifevideo
Some slugs have huge blue-tinted penis and upside-down reproductive acrobatics. Welcome to the strange, sticky and sensational world of slug sex. If you come across this weird sight, you'd actually be witnessing...

Enormous sinkhole drains lake in Franca, Brazil killing thousands of fish and almost sucking down a boat

dam drained in Brazil video, giant sinkhole drains lake in brzil, brazil dam lake drained by sinkhole, water whirlwind sucks up a ship with two dam workers after dam is drined accidentally video, dam drained in Brazil video thousands of dead fishvideo
Thousands of fish were killed and a two-person boat almost swallowed into an enormous sinkhole after the largest dam in Franca, Sao Paolo, Brazil was drained accidentally late Friday...

Thousands of water birds die from AVIAN CHOLERA at Salton Sea

avian cholera salton, Thousands of water birds die at Salton Sea
Thousands of water birds died of an avian cholera outbreak at the south end of the Salton Sea between Jan. 8-17. Outbreaks like this one occur annually...

Two Unexpected Animal Behaviors: Spider Webs Across Texas and Giant Hornet Attack in China

Today, two surprising and terrifying events occurred on two different sides of the world. 1. Giant spider webs cover Dallas and surroundings As shown in the following video, thin and sticky...

Multiple fish flies tornadoes swarm a field in Saskatchewan, Canada (video)

tornado fish flies canada, These fish flies swarming a field in Saskatchewan, Canada look like multiple tornadoes, fish flies tornado canada videovideo
Look at these fish flies swarming a field in Saskatchewan, Canada. They legitimately look like tornadoes! Here the video: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

These ‘Spider Man’ Goats Climb Near-Vertical 160ft Dam

Ibex goats, Ibex goats strange behavior, amazing behavior Ibex goats, goats on dam, goats climb on vertical dam video photo, goats vertical dam video and photo, goats climb on vertical dam video, goats on Italian dam, hanging goats on Italian dam, goats italian dam, goats Cingina dam Italy, spider man goats on Cingino Dam in Italy, 'Spider man' goats on Cingino Dam in Italy to lick the salts
Guess what are these dots are on the 160ft wall of Cingino Dam in Italy! Goats! OK, so it’s not the Grande Dixence Dam, but these goats are taking risks...

Deadly Catfish: These “Freshwater Killer Whales” Strand Themselves to Hunt Pigeons

They mimic killer whales or bottlenose dolphins but live in fresh water: Discover how catfish, also described as “freshwater killer whales”  strand themselves to hunt pigeons. As shown in the...

Unexpected and Beautiful Pictures Of Snow Leopards in Northern Pakistan – January 2014

snow leopard, snow leopard photo, snow leopard photography, snow leopard pakistan, snow leopard photo 2014, research on snow leopard 2014, snow leopard january 2014, snow leopard photo january 2014, This endangered snow leopard was photographed in northern Pakistan. Photo: Richard Bischof and MuhammadAli Nawaz
These extremely rare photographs of an endangered big cat, the snow leopard, were caught in camera trap in northern Pakistan. Camera trap is sometimes a way to shoot unexpected wildlife...

This great white shark attack video is like real life Jaws, terrifying!

That great white shark attacking a cage is like real life Jaws. Just terrifying! And the video uploader to comment: While shark cage diving, our cage was attacked by an 11.5 foot...

Blacktip sharks migration 2018: Unprecedented low number of sharks sighted in Florida coastal water

The blacktip sharks migration 2018 has started in Florida... And the pictures are just too scary! But there are remarkably few sharks and scientists are warning the number of...

150 melon-headed whales strand on a beach in Japan (video)

whales stranded Hokato japan, dolphin melon-headed beached Hokato japan, 150 whales stranded in Japan, whale mass die-off japan april 2015, dolphin mass die-off japan april 2015, 150 whales stranded on beach in Japan april 2015video
Rescuers have been forced to abandon efforts to save around 150 melon-headed whales that became stranded on a beach in Hokota, Japan. Only three of the animals that had beached...

This baby sloth crying with its leg trapped on a beach might be the saddest thing you ever see

baby sloth rescue costa rica video, baby sloth rescue costa rica video jan 2018, baby sloth rescue costa rica video january 2018video
This occurred on January 15, 2018 / Morgans Jungle Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica: As noted by the video uploader: "We own an eco lodge in a remote section of...

Panda Tian Tian has snow bath at the Smithsonian National Zoo during blizzard

Panda Tian Tian snow, Panda Tian Tian snow video, Panda Tian Tian enjoys snow bath at the Smithsonian video, Panda Smithsonian snow video, Panda tian tian Smithsonian snow video, Tian Tian, the panda living at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington is having an awesome snow bath during the snow blizzard in DC, Panda Tian Tian has snow bath at the Smithsonian National Zoo during blizzard january 2016, Panda Tian Tian enjoying snow at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DCvideo
Tian Tian, the panda at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington is having fun in the snow. The bear is having an awesome snow bath. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Thousands of cattle killed by flash floods in Samburu, Kenya

floods kenya, floods kenya video, floods kenya may 2017, floods kenya may 2017 video, flash floods kenya, thousands of cattle killed by floods kenyavideo
An estimated 18,000 heads of livestock were swept away and killed by flash floods following a heavy downpour in Samburu County, Kenya. This is the worst loss that has ever...

Zombie Miracle Cat Escapes Own Grave 5 Days After Burial

miracle cat florida, Bart the Miracle cat , miracle cat zombie florida Bart the Miracle cat, 'Dead' cat claws out of grave and comes home 5 days after being buried, Miracle cat claws its way out of own grave 5 days after burial, Cat comes back from the dead, zombie cat florida, miracle cat florida,video
This is just unbelievable! A miracle cat claws its way out of own grave 5 days after burial! Yes! Looks like he used up all his nine lives! A cat in...

Mysterious Bee Die-off: 25’000 Pollinisator Bees are found dead in Wilsonville Oregon – June 19 2013

This is another example of our absurdity! Our food chain relies on pollinisators such as bees and we kill them using insectisides or planting trees which are toxic for...

Previously unknown ‘supercolony’ of 1.5 millions of penguins discovered in remote Danger Islands, Antarctica

adelie penguins supercolony danger island antarctica, adelie penguins supercolony danger islands antarctica, adelie penguins supercolony danger island antarctica pictures, adelie penguins supercolony danger island antarctica videovideo
The water around the island boiled with penguins. Previously unknown 'supercolony' of 1.5m Adélie penguins have been discovered in the remote Danger Islands in Antarctica, easing fears their numbers...

Tens of thousands of Monarch butterflies blocked in northern US and Canada – Many of them may end up stuck up north and die

monarch butterfly migration, monarch butterfly migration 2017, monarch butterflies blocked northern usa and canada, delayed migration monarch butterflies, monarch butterflies blocked by anomalous weather events in Canada, earth changes block monarch butterfly migration 2017
Tens of thousands of monarch butterflies that should be in Texas by now, en route to their wintering grounds in Mexico, are still in the northern U.S. and Canada,...

Over 300 whales die in the third largest stranding in New Zealand’s history

whale die-off new zealand, whale die-off new zealand february 2017, whale die-off new zealand february 2017 pictures, whale die-off new zealand february 2017 videovideo
Heartbreaking! On February 9, 2017, over 300 whales died in the biggest recent stranding in New Zealand. Another secret sonar or underwater military exercise? Or Penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon? The...

WTF Story: The Elephant ‘Murderous Mary’ was hanged in Erwin, Tennessee, After Killing Her Keeper

'Murderous Mary' the elephant, 'Murderous Mary' the elephant strange story and wtf photo, wtf photo of hung elephant, terrifying photo of hung elephant in Tennessee in 1916, On September 13 1916 the town of Erwin Tennessee hung 'Murderous Mary' the elephant after she mauled one of her keepers to death the day before, strange, weird, baffling photo, wtf photo of hanged elephant, hanged elephant terrifying photo, mysterious story of why murderous mary was hanged in Tennessee in 1916, Strange Story: The elephant murderous mary was hanged in Tennessee in 1916
On September 13, 1916, the town of Erwin, Tennessee, hung 'Murderous Mary' the elephant after she mauled one of her keepers to death the day before. This is actually a...

Anthrax kills 300 buffaloes in Kenya and mysterious disease kills 100 goats in India

anthrax buffalo kenya, anthrax kills buffalo in kenya, anthrax buffalo nairobi kenya, anthrax outbreak kenya, anthrax outbreak nairobi kenya
Mysterious disease outbreaks are killing large numbers of animals. Anthrax kills 300 buffaloes in Kenya and mysterious disease kills 100 goats in India. As reported by Outbreak News Today, anthrax has killed...

But Why Are So Many Whales and Dolphins Dying Mysteriously All Over The World These Days?

Giant fin whale found dead on beach in the Netherlands - September 15 2013 Viewers surround the carcass of a dead fin whale on the beach of s Gravenzande, The...

Apocalyptical cuttlefish mass die-off in Chile unexplained

cuttlefish mass die-off chile, mysterious cuttlefish mass die-off chile, apocalyptical cuttlefish mass die-off chile, thousands of cuttlefish die in Chile, thousands of cuttlefish die in Santa Maria de Coronel chile, chile cuttlefish mass die-off january 2016video
Thousands of cuttlefish mysteriously washed up on Santa Maria off Coronel, Chile on January 12, 2016. The cause of the mass die-off remains unexplained. The animals appeared in the South Island Harbor. Scientists...

Gorilla Attacks Tourists at Berlin Zoo (VIDEO)

Gorilla Attacks Tourists at Berlin Zoo (VIDEO), This gorilla at Berlin zoo attacks a group of unsuspecting tourists, as he throws a rock at them from close range. Watch this strange animal behavior video., Gorilla Attacks Tourists at Berlin Zoo (VIDEO), strange animal behavior: Gorilla Attacks Tourists at Berlin Zoo (VIDEO), strange animal behaviorvideo
Does this strange animal behavior result from being kept in captivity? Anyway, this gorilla at Berlin zoo shows a group of unsuspecting Irish tourists exactly what he thinks of their...




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