Thursday, December 8, 2016

Agate designs and landscapes are truely amazing

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Agate is a popular gemstone. This finely-grained quartz is known for its vibrant colors and patterns like mountains, rivers, and skies... Watch some amazing pictures of so-called landscape agates. There’s an incredible variety...

Did a real-life fallen angel really dropped from the skies?

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A human like Angel has fallen out of the skies over Texas. Yes these photographs show a real-life fallen angel that was captured after it dropped from the skies... Really? So...

Enter the doomsday magic portal in Svalbard

Svalbard Seed Vault, Svalbard Seed Vault at night, Svalbard Seed Vault photo, amazing Svalbard Seed Vault, doomsday Svalbard Seed Vault photo, doomsday Svalbard Seed Vault at night photo
The doomsday Svalbard Seed Vault looks like a magic portal at night! The doomsday ark keeps safe the seeds for 820,619 plants in case of nuclear war, extreme natural catastrophes, or asteroid impacts....

Just a view of a record stylus on the grooves of a LP

record stylus groove LP, record groove, Just a view from an electron microscope of a record stylus on the grooves of an LP, Incredible microscope view of a vinyl record playing in slow motionvideo
I've been listening to vinyl for years and years and it still blows my mind that we can make that make sound... Watch this incredible microscope view of a vinyl...

There is a giant 76-foot-deep hole in downtown Chicago and nobody knows what to do with it

deep hole chicago spire, spire giant hole chicago,
There is a deep 76-foot-deep hole in downtown Chicago. And nobody knows what to do with this gaping cavity! From the air - or from Google Earth - this 76-foot-deep hole that...

Mongolian throat singing incredible sounding video

Throat singing is a method of using the human voice to produce two different tones at the same time. It sounds alien to Western ears but has been practiced in...

Blooming cactus looks like freaky fireworks! Fascinating!

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Look at these freaky cacti blooming and their beautiful colors of Spring! A firework of nature! Awesome! What's better to forget the long dreary winter? The beautiful colors of Spring! Since they haven't...

Dancing origami cranes by Ugoita

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Watch these cranes dancing with synchronized moves! They are powered by a beautifully-made electromagnetic box that acts as their stage. Amazing! The next time we start folding origami cranes, we’re going to...

Watch: Utah Ice Castles Are Straight Out Of Disney Film (Video)

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Each year in a handful of cities across America, a team of artists turn 20 million pounds of frozen water into incredible ice castles straight out of a Disney...

Watch The Amazing Singing Tesla Coil Zeusaphone Making Some Noise

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This is just a solid-state Tesla coil... Singing! And yes, it is the actual high voltage sparks that are making the noise. Every cycle of the music is a burst...

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