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The Most Amazing Visual Representation of Music I’ve Ever Seen in a Magical Cymatics Video

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This is the most amazing visual representation of music I've ever seen. Nothing in this cymatics video is CGI, all effects are real. This amazing video by Nigel John Stanford was...

Waves: This Interactive Sound Installation Will Hypnotize You!

waves interactive sound installation, experimental sound, waves interactive sound installation by Daniel Palacios, kinetic sculpture by Daniel Palacios, experimental sound installation, art sound installationvideo
Sounds propagate in waves. These waves can be manipulated. This interactive sound installation will hypnotize you! Waves is a kinetic sculpture by Daniel Palacios showcasting a series of waves floating in...

This New Musical Instrument, the Yaybahar, Sounds Like Out Of This World

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That new instrument really has a wide range of definitely mysterious 'intonations'. I hear a violin or mandolin mixed with a harp and some sort of '90s sound synthetic sound...

Atlas Of Prejudices – The World According To Americans – Mapping Stereotypes

atlas of prejudices, Atlas of Prejudice: Mapping Stereotypes, Mapping Stereotypes, Yanko Tsvetkov atlas of prejudices, the map of prejudices, prejudices map, the world according to Americans
In his Atlas Of Prejudices, Yanko Tsvetkov maps stereotypes. This is how the world looks like to Americans according to graphic designer. The US for Americans is the coolest country. Bulgarian graphic...

Haunting Polyphonic Overtone Singing by Anna-Maria Hefele

Polyphonic Overtone Singing, Polyphonic Overtone Singing video, video of Polyphonic Overtone Singing, Polyphonic Overtone Singing by Anna-Maria Hefele, Overtone singing, overtone chanting, harmonic singing, throat singingvideo
Listen to polyphonic overtone singing by Anna-Maria Hefele! Literally breathtaking! It's an almost inhuman ability to create two tones at a time in a single breath. It's mind-blowing! Humans are incredible...

In Nagoro, Old Residents Are Being Replaced By Life-Sized Dolls

nagoro dolls, dolls in nagoro, nagoro dolls memorial, dolls in nagoro, In Nagoro, old friends and family members are replaced by dolls. Discover the Valley of dolls, Ayano Tsukimi dolls, dolls in Japanvideo
Welcome to Nagoro, Japan, a place where old residents are being replaced by life-sized dolls. For those who die or move away, Ayano Tsukimi is making lifesized dolls and scatters...

Cancun’s underwater museum is out of this world

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This is Cancun’s Incredible Underwater Museum! The crystal clear waters of Cancun are not only home of large sea creatures. It also hosts one of the largest art sepulture in the...

Spacedrum: Haunting Sounds from a Weird Musical Instrument

spacedrum, spacedrum music instrument, spacedrum music instrument, spacedrum music video, video spacedrum, spacedrum by Yuki Koshimoto, Yuki Koshimoto is one of the most reknown player of the weird spacedrum musical instrument. Photo: Imgur, strange music instrument, weird music instrumentvideo
Enjoy the strange and haunting sounds of the Spacedrum in this amazing video! The melody of this metal percussion designed in France will free your body and soul. The Spacedrum® belongs to...

Hypnotizing: Watch These Water Balloons Falling in Slow Motion

These water balloons falling in slow motion are eerily hypnotizing! I could stare at this for hours... What about you? If they had been completely filled up with water, the balloons...

A Sound Garden: Amazing Musical Instrument and Art Installation

A Sound Garden, A Sound Garden sulpture, A Sound Garden art installation, A Sound Garden at NOAA, A Sound Garden instrument, A Sound Garden soundscape, "A Sound Garden" is a huge musical instrument and art installation created by Douglas R. Hollis., "A Sound Garden" is a huge musical instrument and art installation created by Douglas R. Hollis. Photo flickrvideo
"A Sound Garden" is a huge musical instrument and art installation created by Douglas R. Hollis. This eerie sounding sculpture can be found on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

Have You Ever Looked At You In Ultraviolet? This Is How The Sun Sees You! Scary!

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Have You Ever Looked At You In Ultraviolet? This Is How The Sun Sees You! Thomas Leveritt filmed people with an ultraviolet (UV) camera to show them what they look...

Chladni Plate Experiment: Sand Creates Beautiful Geometrical Patterns at Different Sound Frequencies

This video of the Chladni table experiment shows the sand forming geometrical patterns at different sound frequencies. Photo: Youtube video, sound sand geometry, sound experiment, chladni sound experiment video, chladni plate frequency experiment, chladni video sand frequency, sound in sand, sound geometry in sand, sand sound geometry patterns, fractal sound geometry in sand, frequency of sand geometry, amazing frequency experiment, chladni experiment video, chladni plate sound experiment video, video of chladni frequency experiment, The Chladni plate is an amazing sound expriment creating geometric sand patterns depending on sound frequency
If you want to find the secret of the Universe, think in terms of ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION. The Chladni plate experiment summarizes this Nicolas Tesla's vision of the world!...