Friday, December 9, 2016

North Korea nuclear test produces M5.3 earthquake on September 9 2016

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Today, September 9, 2016, North Korea detonated one of its strongest nuclear explosion test ever. The detonation was so strong it triggered a M5.3 earthquake as reported by USGS. However, North Korea...

Fire in the sky: 7 major fireball meteor events in the last 3 days around the world

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Since Tuesday, July 19, 2016, at least 7 major fireball events have made headlines around the world. Here a compilation of these glowing and noisy sky events. At midnight on Thursday bright...

Mysterious recurrent boom rocks Sonora, California and baffles residents

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A mysterious recurrent boom in Sonora, California has residents baffled and looking to the sky. The noise that can often be heard weekdays during the summer months from 11 a.m....

3.7-km-long dyke blown up between two lakes to disperse surging floodwater in China

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The 3.7-km-long dyke between Lake Liangzi and Lake Niushan was blown up by officials in central China's Hubei Province Thursday morning to disperse surging floodwater. A total of 1,658 people were...

Strongest earthquake in 30 years strikes Norseman, Western Australia – Loud booms

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Geoscience Australia recorded a M5.5 earthquake south-east of Norseman at 5.40pm (9.40am UTC) on June 8, 2016. Rumblings were felt in Perth and loud booms around the epicenter after Western...

Mysterious loud booming noises in Alhambra, California baffle scientists and residents

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Some mysterious explosion sounds in Alhambra baffle residents and officials. Alhambra residents have heard loud booming noises for the last five months, but none have any answers nor evidence of...

Two mysterious booms rock Iasi, Romania – Ground shaking reported 75km away

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Two mysterious booms rocked Iasi, Romania and surroundings on June 1, 2016 at 10:30 UTC. The loud rumblings shook the ground and rattled windows twice within 15 minutes. The first loud...

Bright fireball explodes in loud booms leaving weird trail in the sky of Phoenix, Arizona

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Did you see it? Did you hear it? A huge fireball exploded in loud booms leaving a weird and mysterious trail in the sky of Phoenix, Arizona on June 2,...

Mysterious burning object falls from the sky in loud bangs in Sheerness, UK

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What is this mysterious burning object falling from the sky in loud shaking bangs in Sheerness, Kent, UK on May 24, 2016? Is that a meteor fireball, some space junk...

Giant meteor explosion generates strong tremor in Pinamar, Argentina

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A giant meteor explosion triggered a strong tremor after it disintegrated in the sky of Pinamar, Argentina on May 18, 2016. The loud sky event occurred at 9.25 pm (local time) and...

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