Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Geological Oddity: The Rift Valley Superplume Tears East Africa Apart To Create A New Ocean In 50 Million Years!

rift vally mystery, why rift valley widens, amazing rift valley soon an ocean, The rift valley, Great Rift Valley, East African rift., The African rift valley is one of the most fascinating natural wonders, known for its unique biodiversity and for being considered -for the important paleoanthropologic discoveries- the "cradle of mankind", i.e. the place where our species has evolved and diversified in the last millions of years. Characterized by a system of linear valleys extending for thousands of kilometers, the rift valley is a huge fracture on the surface of our planet that progressively widens with time, tearing the eastern portion of the African continent apart. It represents a geological wonder where volcanism, earthquakes and fracturing of the Earth's crust are the surface expressions of the enormous forces that shape our planet. Photo: Geology.comvideo
Geological oddity: The Rift Valley in East Africa is a place where the world is slowly tearing itself apart. The Great Valley Rift in East Africa is composed of two...

New active underwater volcano spewing methane discovered in Southeast Alaska

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Another underwater volcano has been discovered by scientists in Southeast Alaska waters. The only difference is that this one is active and spewing methane almost to the surface. About two years...

Huge crack running 100m opens up along Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

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A huge crack running 100m (328ft) opened up on a section of Dorset's Jurassic Coast on  April 13, 2016. It appeared between Bowleaze Cove and Redcliff Point at Preston, near...

Large Earth crack threatens 6 families in Bocas del Toro, Panama

At least six houses are threatened by a large crack that appeared in the village of Almirante in the province of Bocas del Toro, Panama. The crack, first reported on June...

Giant earth crack opens up along Route III in Paraguay (Pictures and videos)

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About 6 km of road have been swallowed by a giant crack along Route III between the districts of Yby Yaú and Azotey in Paraguay. This giant fissure in the gound is...

Violent Seismic Activity Tears Africa in Two ?!?

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Violent Seismic Activity Tears Africa in Two ?!? The fissures began appearing years ago. But in recent months, seismic activity has accelerated in northeastern Africa as the continent breaks apart...

Giant cracks and monster sinkhole swallow 16 houses unexpectedly in Papua New Guinea

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Huge cracks and a monster sinkhole sucked in and destroyed 16 houses last weekend, causing panic among Sepik River villagers and settlers. Yes! Sixteen houses went down as the earth opened...

Mysterious Earth crack terrifies residents of Aponte, Colombia

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What started with a small fissure in early 2015 is today a giant mysterious earth crack nearly a kilometer in length that crosses the village of Aponte, Colombia. The crack...

Mysterious burning crack releases gas in Chimborazo, Ecuador

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A mysterious burning crack is releasing gases since two weeks in a small village named Columbe situated in the Ecuadorian Andes. The steam started coming out of the earth about 15...

This giant ice crack in Antarctica is growing larger and has scientists concerned

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This giant ice crack in Antarctica has scientists concerned... Here's why... The large fissure in the ice is now 100+ miles long and 1,500+ feet wide. Enormous! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Apocalyptic Water Main Break Destroys Macomb Avenue in Sioux City

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I would call this an apocalyptic water main break! A major blow out! Look at this destroyed pavement at the scene of a water main break in Macomb Avenue in...

Giant earth crack drains a lake in Iceland which reappears years later

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Icelanders are accustomed to their land being stretched, split, and torn by violent earthquakes and haphazardly rebuilt by exploding volcanoes. But everyone was surprised when a large lake began to...