Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What will it feel like when “The Big One” hits California?

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What will it feel like when "The Big One" hits? Here are three possible scenarios. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Hurricane Map: More Than 150 Years of Hurricanes on a Glowing Colors Tropical Storm Map

The effect of this amazing map is not only beautiful and mind-blowing but also informative — more than 150 years of hurricane data. This hurricane map offers a unique perspective...

Booming Sounds in Missouri Ozarks: warning of coming earthquake on New Madrid Fault?

Excellent information videos! I would follow her on Youtube if I were you! Great job!

Thanksgiving Loud Booms in Connecticut Were Linked to Microquakes

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The source of the mysterious booms that shook Connecticut during the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend has been determined. And once again its microquake. The two microearthquakes (magnitude 2.1), centered about two...

Our Earth Is Active: Large Earthquake, Large Sinkhole Formation, Mysterious Explosions – March 18 2013

Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake - 121km E of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands - March 19 2013, 03:29:00 UTC - USGS A large sinkhole opens up in Bangor, Maine - March...

Strong M5.5 earthquake shakes Taiwan on January 19 2016

Taiwan earthquake january 19 2016, Taiwan M5.5 earthquake january 19 2016video
A strong M5.5 earthquake struck off the coast of Taiwan on January 19, 2016. The epicenter of the quake was located 21 kilometers north-east of the city of Taitung at...

Napa Quake Fissures and Cracks Release Groundwater – End of Northern California Drought?

napa quake, napa earhquake, water after napa quake, re-birth of streams after napa quake, napa quake releases water trapped underground, napa quake vs northern california drought, Fissures and cracks produced by the Napa quake have released groundwater which now fills up streams and lakes. Amazing!
This is pretty unexpected! The Napa Quake released torrents of groundwater and thus may help ease the region's drought. Indeed, the massive tremor forced groundwater to the surface, filling dry...

Rare M3.9 earthquake hits south of Sydney, Government urges calm

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A rare earthquake has rattled Sydney on January 3, 2016, but Australian government officials are urging locals not to panic. The 3.9 magnitude quake was centred 16km south of Campbelltown...

This is the Sound of The Haida Gwaii Earthquake in 2012

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This is a record of the low-frequency rumbles from a powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake that struck central Moresby Island in the Haida Gwaii archipelago at 8:04PM PDT, 27 October 2012. Can...

More than 200 earthquakes rattle Iceland since 48 hours – New underwater volcanic eruption?

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Approximately 200 earthquakes have been recorded off Reykjanes peninsula in Southwest Iceland since June 30, 2015. The strongest quakes have been about M4.5 magnitude. Sign of a new underwater volcanic event?   This...

Irving Earthquake Swarm Is Unusual And Alarms Residents Living Near Fracking Sites

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There have been dozens of earthquakes in the past few months. They now average about one a day, although some days bring many more. This is the terrifying reality of people...

Giant oarfish caught by Vietnamese fishermen – Consequences of earthquakes?

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An angler in central Vietnam has caught a 4.2 meter long oarfish. This occurs while the region is hit by multitude of tremors... Could it be related? A 61 years old...