Friday, June 23, 2017

Amazing Facts: Premature Mortality in Japan Due to Tropospheric Ozone

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Too much ozone kills! This is the result of a survey conducted by 47 Japanese prefectures to better understand the relation between premature mortality versus modeled and monitored tropospheric ozone concentrations. Their...

Air Apocalypse in China: Super Smog Hits Harbin in North China

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This is not a camera problem! It's a super smog attack in Harbin, a 11 mio people city in northern China! Amazing! This weird and massive smog shut down one...

The World’s Largest Tire Graveyard in Kuwait Is So Large It Can Be Seen From Space

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We need tires for our transportation means. But what happens when they are used? Discover the world's largest tire graveyard in Kuwait. In Kuwait City's Sulaibiya area every year gigantic holes...