Terrifying Ice Tsunami on the Frozen Rocky River in Ohio (VIDEO) – February 2014

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I call it an ice tsunami! As shown in the below video, ice on the Rocky River suddenly broke up causing scary amounts of ice and water to travel...

Furious Ice Tsunami on Kuskokwim River in Alaska Caught Live on Video!

You probably remember the ice tsunamis that destructed parts of towns in the USA and Canada about one month ago, in May 2013. Well here is a video caught...

Strange Earth Phenomenon: ‘Ice Tsunami’ in Ochre River Manitoba and Milles Lacs Minnesota – May 10 2013

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Have you ever heard of ice tsunamis? It's a kind of ice flow triggered by strong winds that can eat up your house... A nature nightmare... Winds forced massive walls of ice...

Chasing Ice: The largest glacier calving video ever filmed in Greenland

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This is probably the largest ice calving ever recorded on video! Watch the historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier, Western Greenland on May 28, 2008. Do you feel the power of...




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