Video compilation of ice tsunamis around the world

This video compilation of ice tsunami around the world is amazing. Enjoy! An ice shove is a surge of ice from an ocean or large lake onto the shore. Such...

Impressive ICE TSUNAMI video shows huge chunks of ice tumbling over a retaining wall alongside the Niagara River Parkway

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The combined power of a wind storm and the Niagara River is captured in a video, posted by the Niagara Parks Police Service,  showing boulder-sized chunks of ice tumbling over a...

Strange Earth Phenomenon: ‘Ice Tsunami’ in Ochre River Manitoba and Milles Lacs Minnesota – May 10 2013

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Have you ever heard of ice tsunamis? It's a kind of ice flow triggered by strong winds that can eat up your house... A nature nightmare... Winds forced massive walls of ice...

Ice tsunami on the Ob River destroys metal railings while drifting towards the ‘end of the world’ in Russia (video)

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Normally ice-free at this time of the year, the Orb River is still covered in ice. It has slowly started drifting towards the Arctic like a giant monster, and...

Terrifying Ice Tsunami on the Frozen Rocky River in Ohio (VIDEO) – February 2014

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I call it an ice tsunami! As shown in the below video, ice on the Rocky River suddenly broke up causing scary amounts of ice and water to travel...




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