Mysterious chunk of ice falls through roof in Modesto, California during heavy drought

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Is ice now flying? This is what we may think after a ball of ice has destroyed a house's roof in California. Yes, a large chunk of ice has fallen from the...

Ice tsunami on the Ob River destroys metal railings while drifting towards the ‘end of the world’ in Russia (video)

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Normally ice-free at this time of the year, the Orb River is still covered in ice. It has slowly started drifting towards the Arctic like a giant monster, and...

Ice tsunami crazy video

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That is insane! Look at these waves of ice crashing over a retaining wall along the Niagara River in Canada. Crazy!

Furious Ice Tsunami on Kuskokwim River in Alaska Caught Live on Video!

You probably remember the ice tsunamis that destructed parts of towns in the USA and Canada about one month ago, in May 2013. Well here is a video caught...

Ice tsunami in Norway (video)

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Have you ever seen an ice tsunami? Do you know what it sounds like? Watch this now, it's fascinating! Preparations are running to welcome the first tourists of the season...

Ice tsunami damages houses in Lake Mille Lacs in Onamia, Minnesota – April and May 2014

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  Like in May 2013, an ice tsunami is threatening homes and residents of Lake Mille Lacs in Onamia, Minnesota. Part of Highway 169 along Lake Mille Lacs had to be closed...