Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency in Florida as Tropical Storm Erika nears dangerously

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Scott’s emergency order says Erika “poses a severe threat to the entire state.” The storm could hit the peninsula Monday. Read the state of emergency declaration below:       Get prepared! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Strange Weather Phenomena: Four Hot Air Balloons Crash Within ONE HOUR in Denver Area

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Gusty winds sweeping through the Denver area (Arvada, Louisville, Rocky Flats, Boulder County) Saturday are being blamed for causing four  hot air balloon crashes that injured at least ten people. Indeed, sustained winds...

Lava flow sparks Winter Weather Advisory on Big Island

winter weather advisory big island kilauea eruption, Lava flow sparks Winter Weather Advisory on Big Island during Kilauea volcanic eruption in 2018video
The Hawaii volcano eruption has triggered a shock event that has left experts baffled. The interaction of lava with sea water has created an unusual weather phenomenon causing freezing...

Strongest cold wave in decades traps boats in ice in China

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The strongest cold wave in decades is currently sweeping across China. As a result some fishing boats got trapped in sea ice in a port at Xikou Village in Yantai...

Violent and Apocalyptical Storm Hits Knokke-Heist in Belgium (VIDEO)

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Sometimes weather transforms a quiet and peaceful region into an apocalyptic landscape! That's what happened last year in Knokke-Heist, Belgium! A terrible storm hit Knokke-Heist on August 5, 2013. Panicked, vacationers fled...

Arctic Blast Creates Impressive Haboob in Colorado – Get Your Winter Jackets Ready!

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Check out these AMAZING pictures coming out of southeast Colorado as the arctic blast of air charged across the dry landscape south of Colorado Springs! What you are seeing is...

Apocalyptical lightning storm engulfs Brisbane, Australia

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A very strong thunderstorm is currently hitting Brisbane, Australia. Dangerous lightnings illuminate the night sky almost every second. #brisbane #qldsummer #summerstorm #lightshow #mothernature #timelapse Ein von Andrew Deane (@andrew__deane) gepostetes Video am...

Crazy doors, garages flying, falling trees and cranes: Apocalyptical ‘hurricane’ storm engulfs Moscow on May 29, 2017

moscow hurricane storm may 29 2017, moscow hurricane storm may 29 2017 video, moscow hurricane storm may 29 2017 pictures, Сильный шторм в Москве и областиvideo
A real "hurricane" has engulfed Moscow this afternoon, May 29, 2017. Crazy doors, garages flying, falling trees and cranes... The apocalypse. During this heavy storm, at least 11 people died and...

Watch This Terrifying Storm Rolling Into Sydney

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This storm engulfed Sydney on March 1, 2015. The timelapse video is awesome! More pictures here! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Extreme Weather: Britain Coasts Covered By Sea Foam (Photos and Video)

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This is really bad weather: Coastal Britain is experiencing torrential rain, thunderstorms and 50mph winds that are flooding seafronts with FOAM! This rare phenomenon reached epic dimensions in Lossiemouth, Moray,...

Archeological Treasures: UK Storms 2014 Reveal 5,000-year-old Forest on Welsh beach – February 2014

5000-year-old forest unearthed by UK storms in February 2014, UK storm archeological treasures, welsch beach ancient forest discovery, archeological treasures: ancient forest unearthed during UK storms in February 2014, UK storms news 2014, new archeological discoveries: ancient forest discovered in Mid Wales, 5000-year-old forest unearthed by UK storms in February 2014. Photo: Keith Morris, These 5,000-year-old trees have emerged on a beach in Mid Wales after peat was washed away during the recent storms, The oak and yew stumps were once part of a forest that covered the whole area before it turned into a peat bog and was eventually overwhelmed by water, The tree stumps are not the only ancient treasure to be unearthed by the bad weather. In January an ichthyosaur skeleton was discovered on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset after part of the cliff fell away and revealed
This is surreal! The UK storms in 2014 have revealed the remains of these ancient trees on a beach near the village of Borth, Ceredigion, Mid Wales. And this...

Damaging storms slam Midwest, southern US, leaving over 70,000 without power (pictures)

Damaging storms slam Midwest and southern US leave over 70000 without power, strong storms midwest and south USA, storms US midwest and south
Residents from the Ohio Valley to the lower Mississippi Valley saw the year's most extensive severe weather outbreak Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday night. A line of powerful thunderstorms containing...

Severe weather ramps up in Midwest producing series of tornadoes and damaging grapefruit-large hail in Nebraska and Kansas

widespread severe thunderstorms in the central U.S., hail kansas nebraska may 2018, Hail, damaging winds and tornadoes kansas iowa nebrask, severe weather nebraska and Kansas may 2018video
Tornadoes, strong winds and giant hail the size of grapefruits were reported in parts of Nebraska and Kansas Tuesday as a multi-day severe weather threat began in the central...

Most extreme snowfall rates on record in Alaska: 10 inches of snow per hour reported at Thompson Pass near Valdez

lake effect snow dec 2017video
Alaska is collecting extreme weather events in the last weeks. After a bombogenesis brought hurricane-like winds to the Bering Sea, now a completely crazy 10 inches of snow per...

Taiwan nuclear power plant shuts down after record rain engulfs the island

Taiwan nuclear plant shuts down after heavy rain on June 2 2017, taiwan heavy rains, heavy rains shut down nuclear plant in taiwan june 2017video
More than 600 mm (23.6 inches) of rain fell in under 11 hours in northern Taiwan today, June 2, 2017, killing at least 1 person, leaving 2 missing and...

Heaviest rains in 80 years wreak havoc the Atacama desert, Chile the driest place on Earth

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The heaviest rains in 80 years are wreaking havoc the Atacama desert in Northern Chile, the driest place on Earth and Peru! At least six people dead, 19 missing and...

Apocalyptic Weather Bomb VIDEO In Iceland on December 10 2014

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Within the last few days we have heard about the WEATHER BOMB to engulf the Atlantic and parts of Europe! Well I didn't believe anything about this explosive cyclogenesis before I saw...

Snow storm in July in Russia – Vorkuta hit by July blizzard

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Since about a week, heat is oppressing Europe. And I wouldn't mind getting some fresh air ... From Russia. Or maybe, this Russian town would gladly receive sun instead of a snow...

Perth smashed by 4 months of rain in just 24 hours producing power blackouts and floods

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Perth suburbs have been smashed with record breaking rains. Rottnest, Bickley and Swanbourne all received the biggest downpours ever recorded in 24 hours. There was flooding and widespread damage,...

First major snow in 30 years for Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in pictures

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This is the first major snow event to hit Hobart, Tasmania since 1986. The significant snow blanketed the rooftops and streets and even some of the beaches around Hobart in...