Typhoon Mujigae brings violent tornadoes to the city of Foshan, China

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At least seven people have been killed after Typhoon Mujigae with winds in excess of 180km/h battered the coast of south China. The storm unleashed violent tornadoes to the city of...

Zombie flooding: Coffins rise up because of floods in Orangeburg, South Carolina

Here another consequence of Hurricane Joaquin: Coffins surface because of related flooding. A cemetery is flooded causing coffins to rise up out of the ground in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Zombie flooding...

Hurricane Joaquin USA: Man rescued after his truck falls into a sinkhole caused by the road washing away in Spartanburg County, SC

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A man has survived after his truck fell into a sinkhole on a road that got washed away in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. As the man was swept away in...

Hurricane Joaquin to impact over 65 million people from South Carolina to Massachusetts

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Major Hurricane Joaquin to impact over 65 million people from South Carolina to Massachusetts. And that even though the hurricane is unlikely to make landfall in the United States. I was writing...

First time in over 100 years that no hurricanes engulf the Western Atlantic

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This year no hurricanes have been yet recorded in the Western Atlantic. And that has never been seen since 1914. According to scientists, two factors working against hurricane development, wind shear and dry air....

Meanwhile 3 major hurricanes are sweeping through the Pacific Ocean – Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena

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Meanwhile...in the Pacific Ocean...As of 7pm 8/29/15 there are 3 major hurricanes ongoing! From left to right: Kilo (Cat 4), Ignacio (Cat 4), and Jimena (Cat 4). These Category 4 hurricanes...

Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency in Florida as Tropical Storm Erika nears dangerously

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Scott’s emergency order says Erika “poses a severe threat to the entire state.” The storm could hit the peninsula Monday. Read the state of emergency declaration below:       Get prepared! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Apocalyptic Flooding in Dominica after tropical storm Erika engulfs Caribbean islands

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Meanwhile Tropical Storm Erika is slamming the Caribbean hard inducing important flooding in Dominica. And after nearly 9 inches of rainfall overnight, the Roseau River overflowed its banks in the...

Mysterious gigantic jets appear over unusual Hurricane Hilda

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Clearly, Hurricane Hilda is not a typical storm. Most hurricanes don't even have regular lightning because they lack vertical winds. But rarest gigantic jet lightnings appeared over Hurricane Hilda on August...

Car blown away by mini tornado in Taiwan on video as Typhoon Soudelor strikes

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Typhoon Soudelor struck Taiwan and is currently violently hitting China. It is also blame for an extremely rare tornado that was caught on a dashcam video. Look at the car...

Apocalypse after Typhoon Chan-Hom strikes eastern China

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More than a million people had to flee their homes upon the arrival of Typhoon Chan-Hom in Zhejiang, eartern China. The most powerfull typhoon to hit the region since 1949...

Incredibly active start to hurricane season 2015

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The eastern Pacific hurricane season 2015 runs from 15 May through 30 November, with the peak of the season being July-September. Since late May, three hurricanes have formed in the...

Massive Sinkhole Fills Up With Water And Becomes ‘Lake WTF’ At Darwin River

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This timelapse video shows a massive sinkhole at Darwin River as it fills up with water and becomes a brand new billabong locals have renamed 'Lake WTF' This amazing moment...

The Last House Standing: A Strange Story of Exorcism During Hurricane Ike

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The picture of a lonely house stranding after Hurricane Ike is real. The paranormal information however is very wrong. So read the real story behind the last house standing! The story...

Tropical Storm Simon Updated – Huracán Categoría 4 ‘Simon’

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Tropical Storm Simon curves toward land. A tropical storm watch has been issued for parts of Baja California. However, Simon's most significant impact may be well inland and several days...

Typhoon Phanfone Lashes Japan’s Amami Islands (VIDEO)

There is not much to say about this video except that this terrifying typhoon Phanfone starts lashing Japan's Amami Islands and is heading towards Tokyo and Osaka. This cyclone...

Weather Phenomena: Freak Russian Hurricane Tosses Man 30ft In The Air (VIDEO)

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This is the terrifying moment a freak Russian hurricane tosses a man 30ft in the air into concrete steps! A hurricane recently whipped threw the southern Russian city of Sevastopol,...

Giant Typhoon Phanfone Heading to Japan – Red Alert Video!

The giant typhoon Phanfone is heading to Japan right now! And this just after the terrifying eruption of Mount Ontake! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Hurricane: The 10 Deadliest and Most Destructive Hurricanes

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What were the 10 biggest and deadliest hurricanes EVER? Here a list of the 10 worst hurricanes ever! What were the biggest hurricanes in history? Every hurricane season, some areas of coastline...

Hawaii Hurricane Warning: Rare Twin Hurricanes Iselle And Julio Threaten Hawaii

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There are two extreme hurricanes heading to Hawaii right now! They could be the first to strike Hawaii in 22 years. Hurricane Iselle is the first of two storms that could...