Look at the Devastation Left by Monster Storm ‘Christian’ Across Western Europe (VIDEOS)

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Scary movies! The following videos show the rage with which Christian swept across western Europe. Hurricane Christian resulted in several deaths and flooded several towns and uprooted trees. In Copenhagen, gusts of up...

Massive waves and Impressive sounds of winds and storm in Vancouver, BC, Canada, December 17 2012 – related to Climate Change?

December 17 2012 - Impressive sounds of winds and storm in Vancouver, BC, Canada - related to Climate Change? The Vancouver sun reports that massive waves hit the seawall during...

Hurricane Map: More Than 150 Years of Hurricanes on a Glowing Colors Tropical Storm Map

The effect of this amazing map is not only beautiful and mind-blowing but also informative — more than 150 years of hurricane data. This hurricane map offers a unique perspective...

Tropical Storm Simon Updated – Huracán Categoría 4 ‘Simon’

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Tropical Storm Simon curves toward land. A tropical storm watch has been issued for parts of Baja California. However, Simon's most significant impact may be well inland and several days...

Hawaii Hurricane Warning: Rare Twin Hurricanes Iselle And Julio Threaten Hawaii

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There are two extreme hurricanes heading to Hawaii right now! They could be the first to strike Hawaii in 22 years. Hurricane Iselle is the first of two storms that could...

Tropical Storms Freda and Mitchell are driving thousands to flee, Salomon Islands, December 30 2012

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December 30 2012 - Tropical Storms "Freda" and "Mitchell" are driving thousands to flee - Salomon Island The Tropical Storm "Freda" in the Solomon Islands has driven thousands of people...

Rare Weather Phenomenon: Twin Storms Slam Opposite Coasts of Mexico – September 16 2013

Two weeks ago, authorities were baffled by the absence of hurricanes... Well, look at this: Not one, but two tropical storms lashed Mexico's opposite coasts in a rare one-two punch...

Category 5 Cyclone Will Hit North Queensland in Australia Tomorrow

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This picture tells you  almost everything! This tropical cyclone forecast track map from the tropical cyclone warning center in Brisbane, Australia tells you everything. This will be the second Category 5...

Hurricanes and typhoons are shifting from the tropics toward the North and South poles

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As reported in a new study published today (May 14, 2014) in the journal Nature, tropical storms don't peak in the tropics as often as they did 30 years...

Giant Typhoon Phanfone Heading to Japan – Red Alert Video!

The giant typhoon Phanfone is heading to Japan right now! And this just after the terrifying eruption of Mount Ontake! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Typhoon Phanfone Lashes Japan’s Amami Islands (VIDEO)

There is not much to say about this video except that this terrifying typhoon Phanfone starts lashing Japan's Amami Islands and is heading towards Tokyo and Osaka. This cyclone...

Car sky rocketed by strong winds of Typhoon Jelawat

Typhoons are monsters of Nature. Look at what Typhoon Jelawat did to this car: WOW! Strong winds from the typhoon Jelawat sky rocketed a car on a parking lot in Okinawa,...

Hurricane Sandy Slams East Coast of the United States – Hurricane Sounds -29 to 30 october 2012

October 30, 2012 – NEW YORK - Hurricane Sandy Slams East Coast of the United States - Hurricane Sounds The videos wer caught all over the East coast of the...

Weather Phenomena: Freak Russian Hurricane Tosses Man 30ft In The Air (VIDEO)

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This is the terrifying moment a freak Russian hurricane tosses a man 30ft in the air into concrete steps! A hurricane recently whipped threw the southern Russian city of Sevastopol,...




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