Apocalyptic Flooding in Dominica after tropical storm Erika engulfs Caribbean islands

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Meanwhile Tropical Storm Erika is slamming the Caribbean hard inducing important flooding in Dominica. And after nearly 9 inches of rainfall overnight, the Roseau River overflowed its banks in the...

Car blown away by mini tornado in Taiwan on video as Typhoon Soudelor strikes

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Typhoon Soudelor struck Taiwan and is currently violently hitting China. It is also blame for an extremely rare tornado that was caught on a dashcam video. Look at the car...

Apocalypse after Typhoon Chan-Hom strikes eastern China

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More than a million people had to flee their homes upon the arrival of Typhoon Chan-Hom in Zhejiang, eartern China. The most powerfull typhoon to hit the region since 1949...

Weather Anomalies November 2 2014: Super Typhoon Nuri, Early Snowfalls, UK Tornado

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Here a compilation of weather anomalies from around the world. Snow lovers get prepared! Within next week, the western parts of the Alps will get 1-2 m snowfall. First snow...

Typhoon Phanfone Lashes Japan’s Amami Islands (VIDEO)

There is not much to say about this video except that this terrifying typhoon Phanfone starts lashing Japan's Amami Islands and is heading towards Tokyo and Osaka. This cyclone...

Giant Typhoon Phanfone Heading to Japan – Red Alert Video!

The giant typhoon Phanfone is heading to Japan right now! And this just after the terrifying eruption of Mount Ontake! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Hurricanes and typhoons are shifting from the tropics toward the North and South poles

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As reported in a new study published today (May 14, 2014) in the journal Nature, tropical storms don't peak in the tropics as often as they did 30 years...

Huge Flash Flood Southern Utah – September 2013

South central Utah has had subsequent floods one after another for over 3 days now. This was some footage from flooding on the 9th of september 2013. The water undercuts the...

Killer Monsoon in India: Floods Due to Torrential Rain Devastate Parts of Uttarakhand state – June 2013

After Germany, it's flooding time in northern India! Floods in northern India have washed away whole entire villages, buildings, roads and vehicles. Already 23 dead and 50 missing were already...