Giant boulder crashes on Southern Ohio Roadway (pictures)

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A giant boulder the size of a two-story house fell onto the Southern Ohio Roadway overnight. The rock fell around 2:30 a.m. Friday onto the westbound lane of U.S. 52 near Coal...

Oil companies inject their wastewater into federal aquifers

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California is letting oil companies dump their fluids and waste where the state gets its drinking water. Thereby they risk contamination of underground water supplies that could be used for...

This mysterious sinkhole spews fire and terrifies residents!

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Is this the gateway to hell? Villagers horrified to find mysterious hole spewing fire! Yes I would also get pretty much crazy if a mysterious 3ft-wide hole started spewing fire just...

Fukushima tap water wins Monde Selection gold award – WTF!

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Fukushima tap water has won the second-highest prize in the Monde Selection, one of the most prestigious quality awards in the world, according to the city government. The Fukushima Municipal...

Why Is Planet Earth Mysteriously Ringing Like A Bell?

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Why Earth is constantly ringing like a bell? Our planet is mysteriously oscillating all the time— at low frequencies— and scientists have come up with an explanation for this baffling phenomenon! Seismologists have long...

Mysterious new land is growing from dredged and drilled Mississippi River

Atchafalaya Bay, New Land on the Louisiana Coast, new land is forming in Atchafalaya Bay, new land is forming in Atchafalaya Bay at the mouths of the Wax Lake Outlet and the Atchafalaya River, Atchafalaya Bay new land, Atchafalaya Bay new county, Strange New Land Is Growing Along Louisiana Disappearing Coastline,
Louisiana's wetlands are famously disappearing, thanks to a century of dredging and drilling in the Mississippi River. Although a football field-sized swath of land falls into the ocean every hour,...

Intense hailstorms devastate Bangladesh killing residents and 5000 thousand birds

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Two killed, 20 hurt, 500 houses damaged, 5,000 birds dead. That's the result of an apocalyptic storm that swept through Bangladesh 3-4 days ago. The nor'wester, a weather pattern that develops in...

Amazing timelapse video of thunderstorm off Darwin, Australia

Wow - There's somebody out there that really knows how to put on an awesome light show! Check out this timelapse of a thunderstorm off the coast of Darwin, Australia. Awesome! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Hell city: Jharia is built over a giant burning pit which occasionally collapses swallowing everything above!

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This is hell city! Jharia sits over a huge underground fire that has burned for 100 years and which occasionally opens immense chasms that swallow everything above them. Eternal fires are burning...

Terrifying moment strong wind slams two window cleaners stuck on swinging platform into 91st floor window of Shanghai WFC tower

I would piss myself, vomit a little bit, and let out the highest pitch scream you could ever imagine coming out of a man. This is the terrifying moment strong...

With 1st Nationwide Fracking Law, Germany Approaches A Hydraulic Fracturing Ban

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With 1st Nationwide Fracking Law, Germany Approaches A Ban - "As long as the risks cannot be fully evaluated, fracking will be banned." Good news! Hope some other biggies will...

Watch this freak snow storm swallowing a bridge in Siberia! Awesome!

Watch this huge, dark cloud of snow engulfing the city centre of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia in less than a minute. And suddenly the bridge disappeared in a freak snow storm! Awesome...

Apocalyptic sand tornado during dust storm in Bikaner District, India (video)

This sand tornado during a dust storm in Ramsara Village in Rajasthan, India is out of this world... Almost apocalyptic. The giant sand twister was filmed on March 20, 2015...

Heaviest rains in 80 years wreak havoc the Atacama desert, Chile the driest place on Earth

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The heaviest rains in 80 years are wreaking havoc the Atacama desert in Northern Chile, the driest place on Earth and Peru! At least six people dead, 19 missing and...

Latest booms reports: Earthquake boom shakes Chicago suburbs, tannerite in Louisiana and sonic boom in Cornwall

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Within last weeks, loud bangs have been alarming residents around the world. Here the latest booms reports. Watch the video below! Earthquake boom rattles residents of Chicago suburbs (Lake of the Hill) If...

The hand of God! These two pictures capture God’s presence in Moore perfectly!

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These two pictures capture God's presence in Moore perfectly! A hand and a crucifix! But who do you think sent the Tornado? Prior to the tornado, there were mammatus clouds. After the...

Blooming cactus looks like freaky fireworks! Fascinating!

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Look at these freaky cacti blooming and their beautiful colors of Spring! A firework of nature! Awesome! What's better to forget the long dreary winter? The beautiful colors of Spring! Since they haven't...

What are these unidentified flying objects smashing into a lightning storm? Weird

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Weather modification? These unidentified flying object really look like something is being shot into the clouds. Tell me what's behind this weird and unexpected phenomenon, please! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Terrifying aerial video of the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on March 25, 2015

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This new Moore tornado is like a war computer game! Everything is exploding everywhere! Insane! Just in case the video is erased, here it is again: Learn more about tornado alleys and...

This could have been your car too! OMG!

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Homes have been evacuated after a huge sinkhole swallowed a car in South Amboy, New Jersey The large street collapse was caused by a water main break. The guy who lost his...