Friday, October 28, 2016

Mysterious light appears during strong eruption of Colima volcano in Mexico

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The Colima volcano is highly active these days, exploding almost all days several times. And yesterday, on October 12, 2016, a mysterious light appeared from behind the volcano before disappearing...

3 active volcanoes erupt simultaneously in the South Atlantic Ocean

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Three active volcanoes erupted simultaneously, unleashing giant plumes of smoke in the South Atlantic Ocean. The three stratovolcanoes are located on the South Sandwich Islands. Volcanoes in the region are some...

First strong explosive eruption at Aso Volcano, Japan since January 1989 sends a column of ash up to 11 km in the air

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Mount Aso volcano, the largest active volcano in Japan had its first strong explosive eruption since January 1989 on October 7, 2016, sending a column of ash up to...

Large sinkhole swallows car and passengers in the Adelaide foothills, Australia

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A driver and her passenger were "a little shaken" when the ground gave way and a large sinkhole swallowed their car in the Adelaide foothills. The driver was attempting a...

Strong eruptions of Ubinas Volcano, Peru and Kliuchevskoi, Russia

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The Ubinas volcano, Peru erupted after 9 months of calm on October 3, 2016 followed by fiery explosions at Mt. Kliuchevskoi, Russia, at night. The Russian volcano sent plumes of ash and...

Earthquake swarm hits Tenerife – Prelude to another Teide volcano eruption?

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This is very important! The next Teide volcanic eruption is maybe just ahead! A swarm of more than 90 minor earthquakes hit the Teide volcano, Tenerife on Sunday, October 2,...

Six new underwater volcanoes discovered just miles from deadly Vesuvius in Italy

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Six previously unknown volcanoes have been discovered just miles from Italy's deadly Vesuvius. The newly found submerged volcanoes lie just three kilometres from the Gulf of Naples. 6 previously undiscovered volcanoes have...

Strong eruption at Colima Volcano, Mexico – Evacuation and extension of exclusion area

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Mexico's Colima Volcano increased its activity on Friday, forcing the evacuation of several nearby communities. Authorities said the activity posed a threat to population, so they extended their exclusion area...

Earthquake swarm at Salton Sea increases risk of big quake on San Andreas fault

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Major earthquake risk at Salton Sea? It is only the only the third time since 1932 that the area had seen such a swarm, and this one had more earthquakes...

Terrifying landslide triggered by Typhoon Megi swallows homes in China

At least 27 people are missing after a landslide struck a small village in Suichang county, east China’s Zhejiang Province on September 28, 2016. The landslide was triggered by Typhoon...

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