Friday, December 9, 2016

Another strong M4.2 earthquake hits Edmond, Oklahoma

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Another strong M4.2 earthquake hit Edmond, Oklahoma on January 1, 2016. This is the second powerful quake within 4 days in Edmond. Residents start being concerned. The latest strong M4.2 quake experienced...

Enormous surge in earthquakes during 2015 in Oklahoma and everybody knows why

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Oklahoma reports an enormous surge in earthquakes during 2015: 850 earthquakes of >M3.0, compared to 584 of the same magnitude in 2014 and 109 in 2013. Earthquakes are on the...

A series of 5 quakes rattles Dallas and Irving in December 2015 – And fracking is probably responsible

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Is the swarm of quakes that hit Irving and Dallas a sign of the next big one? These tremors have alarmed residents, but scientists say the surge does not mark a...

Where fracking meets organic food: Why not frack farmlands?

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This map shows where fracking meets organic food. And the chart below underlines why we shouldn't frack farmlands. Where fracking meets organic food: And why to ban fracking on farmland: Even if it...

M4.4 earthquake rattles millions across Oklahoma and Kansas

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A magnitude 4.4 earthquake shook parts of Oklahoma and Kansas early Saturday morning. The quake, centered about 21 miles north of Enid, shook millions of residents across southern Oklahoma and...

Water is mysteriously burning in Shanghai – And that just after drilling – Fracking?

A strange phenomenon took place at a well in Shanghai recently. A fire began burning on the water and was impossible to put out. Let see... Burning water? I think this...

3 earthquakes in Oklahoma rattle millions of people across Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas

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A trio of earthquakes between M4.0 and M4.5 hit Oklahoma and rattled Kansas, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas on July 27, 2015. The USGS estimates at least 1.9 million people felt some...

In 5 days Shell will start drilling for gas and oil in the Arctic… You remember Deepwater Horizon?

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There is no much time before Shell will start drilling in the home of polar bears for oil and gas. Act now before the region is subjected to potentially irreversible...

Mysterious bubbling rivers, underground explosions and sinkholes: The consequences of fracking in Chinchilla, Australia

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People in Hopetown are experiencing strange phenomena that had led them scratching their heads! But the mysterious bubbling rivers, the underground explosions and the increasing ground subsidiences are not natural but...

USGS Video Shows Unprecedent Increase of Quakes in Oklahoma due to Injection of Water in Disposal Wells – Insane

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This USGS data animation shows the unprecedent increase in earthquakes (>3.0M) in the Oklahoma areas where hydraulic fracturing for gas and oil is currently booming. The rate has gone from...

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