Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Next Oso-like catastrophic landslide? Massive cracks and ground shifting near Wenatchee, Washington

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Residents of Whispering Ridge, Chelan County, Washington, fear an Oso-like catastrophic landslide. Massive cracks, shifting and unstable ground are hints that a massive landslide can occur without warning in the area. Huge...

Road collapses in remote California after heavy rains

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And suddenly the road collapsed in California. A section of the 3rd highway between the settlements of Trinity Center and Coffee Creek (Trinity County) disappeared after the heavy rains that...

Another Inskip Point giant landslide swallows up the beach

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Authorities are monitoring another large landslide at Inskip Point swallowing up the beach. Members of the public warned to take care around the barge area. ‬ // Inskip Point landslideInskip Point: Authorities...

Mighty snow avalanche engulfs Randa, Switzerland

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This mighty snow avalanche engulfed Randa, Switzerland on February 16, 2016. Listen to the low-pitch noise of this powder falling down the mountain... Watch this insane video until the end when...

Terrifying moment hikers are surprised by a landslide on Mount Aconcagua, Argentina

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This is the terrifying moment a spectacular rockslide surprised hikers on Mount Aconcagua, Argentina. The creepy landslide video was captured on january 4, 2016, on the path linking Horcones park entrance)...

Monster avalanche swallows up Randa in Valais, Switzerland

This monster avalanche of powder swallowed up the region around Randa, Switzerland on January 14, 2016. Even cars on a road had to turn around. Insane. This is the third giant...

Enormous avalanches cover Cervinia, Italy and Bessans, France in the last two days

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2 enormous avalanches covered towns in Italy and France. Bessans, France and Cervinia, Italy were engulfed by powder clouds on January 11 and January 12, 2016, respectively. The first giant avalanche engulfed Bessans,...

Giant rock rolls through Vila Velha, Brazil destroys 4 houses, injures 15 people

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The new year began with a tragedy in Vila Velha, Brazil. A gigantic stone broke away from the rocky hill over Boa Vista and rolled down the slope destroying 4...

Enormous landslide swallows up 22 buildings and at least 41 people in Shenzhen

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22 buildings and at least 41 people have been swallowed up by an enormous landslide in the industrial park Liuxi in Shenzhen, southern China. The landslide triggrered the explosion of...

Giant sinkholes and landslides destroy a neighborhood near Tillamook River in Oregon

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Extreme weather has caused sinkholes and landslides sending bits of road, mud and trees onto homes and barns of a neighborhood overlooking the Tillamook River in Oregon. The seven families living...

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