Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Strong M6.2 earthquake strikes Chile – Landslides reported in El Salvador, Chile

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A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.2 was registered at 5:29pm (UTC) on July 25, 2016, in Chile. The powerful quake triggered landslides in El Salvador, a mining town right in the...

The Really Big One: The next rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of the continent

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An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when. And keep in mind: The next full-margin rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone will spell the...

Series of 70 earthquakes rattles California: Is the ‘Big One’ coming?

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In the last seven days, central California has been hit by 70 earthquakes. Is the 'Big One' coming in the near future? Central California was hit with growing number of earthquakes in...

Earthquake releases high levels of methane in the atmosphere near Greenland

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A M4.7 earthquake hit the Arctic Ocean, east of Greenland, on July 12, 2016. High levels of methane were measured in the atmosphere on July 15, 2016, just where the...

2 rare earthquakes rattle the US: M3.7 off Florida and M4.1 in Shishmaref, Alaska

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Within the last 24 hours, 2 rare earthquakes have rattled the USA. A 3.7-magnitude tremor was recorded off northwest Florida, while a M4.1 quake shook the region of Shishmaref in Alaska,...

Hidden fault could trigger cataclysmic M8.2 to M9.0 megaquake killing millions in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar

A hidden fault lying beneath Bangladesh, Myanmar and eastern India could release a massive magnitude 8.2 to 9.0 earthquake. The newly discovered subduction zone - buried under miles of river...

Two powerful earthquakes of M5.8 and M6.3 hit Ecuador ten minutes apart

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Two powerful quakes measuring 5.8 and 6.3 struck the coast of Ecuador ten minutes apart on July 10, 2016. They appear to be aftershocks of the deadly April 2016 disaster,...

Extremely rare M4.8 earthquake hits near Shishmaref, Alaska – Biggest quake in the region

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Shishmaref, AK has had a total of 8 earthquakes since 1931. And the largest earthquake within 30 miles of Shishmaref, AK was a 4.8 Magnitude in 1982. Today, July 9th,...

Strongest earthquake in 30 years strikes Norseman, Western Australia – Loud booms

M5.5 earthquake western australia july 8 2016, M5.5 earthquake western australia. M5.5 earthquake esperance western australia july 8 2016, earthquake esperance july 2016video
Geoscience Australia recorded a M5.5 earthquake south-east of Norseman at 5.40pm (9.40am UTC) on June 8, 2016. Rumblings were felt in Perth and loud booms around the epicenter after Western...

Missouri hit by M3.0 earthquake in the New Madrid Fault Zone

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A magnitude 3.0 earthquake struck the dangerous "New Madrid Fault Zone" south of Caruthersville, Missouri on July 4, 2016. This is the 143rd earthquake to strike the fault zone so...

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