Friday, December 9, 2016

Two powerful explosions rattle Zhupanovsky volcano within 20 minutes

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The volcano Zhupanovsky recorded two powerful explosions within 20 minutes on November 20, 2016. The first eruption occurred at 14:29 local time, sending the ash and gas plume to an...

After Peru, two volcanoes explode simultaneously in Chile – Enhanced volcanic activity around the world

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After Peru, it's Chile! Two volcanoes separated by only 100 kms exploded simultaneously in the Bio Bio region of Chile on November 17, 2016. Not one, but two Chilean volcanoes erupted Thursday...

After NZ Megaquake, enhanced volcanic activity around the world: Frosty, Kilauea, Colima, Santiaguito, Sabancaya

kilauea eruption, kilauea volcano eruption, kilauea eruption continues, non-stop kilauea eruptionvideo
Is it linked or not? Is the Megaquake in New Zealand playing a role in the current enhanced volcanic activity recorded around the world? Probably not, but it's part of the...

Two volcanoes, Sabancaya and Ubinas, erupt simultaneously in Peru – A first time for the country

This is the first time, two volcanoes erupt simultaneously in Peru. Sabancaya and Ubinas volcanoes are separated by a distance of 100 kilometers, have different magma chambers, but they are...

Sabancaya volcano erupts for the first time in 18 years in Peru

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The Sabancaya volcano in Peru exploded twice (Nov. 6th and Nov. 7th). This is the first eruptions in 18 years for Sabancaya. These two explosions follow a period of seismic...

Strange smiling face appears in the smoke of the Popocatepetl volcano

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The Popocatepetl volcano was in a good mood and smiled at us on Saturday, November 5, 2016. Look at the steam coming out of the volcano. It really looks like...

Mysterious mud volcano forms and erupts after M6.6 earthquake in Italy

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A mysterious mud volcano formed out of nowhere and erupted in Santa Vittoria, Italy after the recent M6.6 earthquake that destroyed parts of Italy. The rare geological phenomenon has unexpectedly...

Ash tornado during strong eruption at sinabung volcano again

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The Sinabung volcano erupted strongly in Indonesia on November 1, 2016. And during the explosion some tornado-like vortices formed and amazed many witnesses and photographers. Now technically these aren’t tornadoes, even if...

Unexpected lahar buries 9 trucks at Merapi Volcano in Indonesia

Lahar buries nine trucks at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia on October 27, 2016.
An unexpected lahar due to heavy rains has buried 9 trucks at Mount Merapi in Indonesia on October 27, 2016. The miners and truck drivers managed to escape just before...

Alert level raised after Cleveland Volcano explodes in loud rumbling noise in Alaska

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Scientists raised the alert level for a remote Aleutian volcano on Monday after an explosion was detected. The loud rumbling noise was heard by residents of a tiny village some...

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