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Fireballs explode in the sky of Turkey and Georgia, USA – Loud booms reported

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Two fireballs were seen exploding in the sky of Şanlıurfa, Turkey and Georgia, USA. Loud explosion booms reported in Turkey. And the videos are awesome! A meteor fireball exploding in the...

Rare M5.2 earthquake rattles South of France on April 28, 2016

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We would rather expect an earthquake hitting Alsace or the French Riviera, but this morning, a rare M5.2 earthquake struck La Rochelle and Rochefort, Charente-Maritime at around 6:46 am...

Meteorite crashes on farm in loud booming noise

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This weird white stone crashed in a loud boom on a Nigerian farm last March 12, 2016 creating panic among residents. Women and children were asked to vacate the farms...

Loud booms and tornado sirens in Wichita, Texas. What is going on?

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What was going on in Wichita, Kansas on April 3, 2016? Loud booms kind of set off tornado sirens. Weird! Are there people from Wichita following this blog? Did this really...

Earthquake booms as M4.2 earthquake rattles Oklahoma

M4.2 earthquake crescent oklahoma march 29 2016, loud booms Oklahoma, fracking earthquake oklahoma march 29 2016
Earthquake booms were reported across Oklahoma as a M4.2 quake hit around Crescent. Did you also hear any noises related to this frackquake? The moderately strong fracking quake occurred at 4:53am just 5km...

Another series of booms rattles York County, Pennsylvania

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Another series of booms has been reported on March 13, 2016 in North Codorus Township, York County, Pennsylvania. But the origin of the loud noise remains a mystery. The calls came...

Atoyac River disappears overnight after giant crack opens up in Mexico

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The Atoyac River, which crosses eight municipalities in the central mountainous area of ​​eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, disappeared overnight after a giant crack opened up. Inhabitants of Rancho San...

Loud boom and flash of light as fireball explodes in the skies of Scotland

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What was this strong flash of light and loud rumbling boom in the skies over the north east of Scotland on February 29, 2016? The mysterious light appeared at around 7pm...

Unexplained loud booms rattle residents of Jackson, Hall, Habersham and Madison counties, Georgia

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Unexplained loud booms are currently rattling residents of Jackson County, Hall County, Habersham County and Madison County. These mysterious explosions rattling homes haven't stopped over the past two weeks. So what...

Mysterious object explodes in huge bang over Victoria, Australia

What is this mysterious object exploding in a loud sonic boom over Victoria, Australia. Could it be a meteor falling to earth nearby on January 27, 2016?   The video's time-stamp indicates...

Dramatic spike in earthquakes in Oklahoma

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The ground keeps shaking in Oklahoma, and more violently. The third most powerful earthquake in Oklahoma's recorded history, the magnitude 5.1 quake centered near Fairview, was felt in seven states...

Loud booms and strange lights as meteors strike Queensland, Canada and UK

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Loud boom and strange light have been reported from Rockhampton down to Gympie, Australia on February 10, 2016. Was it a meteor that lit up Queensland? // Did you see a strange...