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Terrifying Video of the Mysterious booms in Indianapolis, USA

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What do you think these mysterious booms are? Is this really in the US? Terrifying series of loud booms caught in Indianapolis (?) on January 7, 2013. January 7 2013 -...

Mystery boom around the world: USA (CT, CA, TN, MI), UK (Norfolk), Italy (Sicily) – April 12-20 2013

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Here last news about mysterious booms and loud booming noises from various sources and selected comments which were published on Strange Sounds. Thank you for your active following and...

New US Mysterious Booms Reports from Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, California, Florida, New York

  Three Mysterious Booms in Southside Virginia - August 23 2013 Three loud booms were heard by Southside residents, the cause of which so far remains a mystery. It's probably a...

Mystery loud booms, New Madrid Fault, Louisiana sinkhole, Mega earthquake: The 1000 words picture

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One picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, here is such a picture and aims at explaining the source of some of the mysterious loud booms experienced across the USA! Observe the...

Loud Boom Noises, Increasing Earthquakes And Sinkholes – A Video Update

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Just about every night the past few weeks, folks from all across the US and the world have reported "loud boom noises" or "big explosion sounds". Moreover, earthquakes are increasing and...

How To Discover and Determine The Origin of Mystery Booms And Rumblings

What is making these unexplained loud booms? This is your guide to determine and discover the origin of mystery booms and rumblings. Read carefully! Residents in the vicinity of Lake Seneca in...

Sky Quakes Baffle Residents Of North Carolina, South Carolina And Oklahoma

Enid Oklahoma, Enid Oklahoma boom, loud boom Enid Oklahoma, loud booms us 2015, loud booming noises oklahoma 2015video
There are reports of mysterious sky quakes going on in North Carolina, South Carolina and Oklahoma! And as almost always... Nobody knows what's going on! Mysterious booms have been reported across...

Mysterious Booms: Is The US Army Already Constructing Its Giant Network Of Underground Tunnels?

Photo of United States Air Force tunnel boring machine at Little Skull Mountain, Nevada, USA, December 1982video
I received this mail from one of our community members. And I started searching for more information! "Ask Jesse Ventura, he’s already exposed the “Oz Ark” survival city that’s being built...

Mysterious Booms in the USA: New York, California, Alaska, Mississippi, Utah, Michigan

In this post, I compile several reports of loud booms that were either posted on my website or found across the web.   Loud and Mysterious Booms in Cleveland August 6...

Unexplained Loud Booms Heard Around the World Video Update 2014

A video update about some of the unexplained loud booms and mystery noises reported and recorded around the world in 2014. Enjoy! Want some more strange sounds and weird rumblings? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Loud Booms Rattle Hawaii Residents – And Mystery Noises Will Continue Until February 8 2015

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Did you hear and feel loud booms across the Big Island? Well it seems these were US Army jet sonic booms... As trainings will last until next week-end expect some...

Loud booms, Sinkholes, Explosion And Strange Geologic Events. But What is Going On in Arizona?

Here a list depicting the new normal for Arizona: Mar 19 2013 - Huge growing crack in the earth on Navajo Nation Navajo Post Reporter reported that a gigantic crack was...