Loud Booms: The Reaction Between Alkali Metals (Like Sodium) And Water Is Amazingly Loud!

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Alkali Metals react with water to produce that metal's hydroxide and liberate Hydrogen Gas. Why 'loud booms' in the title? Well look at these pretty amazing videos below! Both videos...

Tannerite Terror: Loud Booms in Summit Michigan Related to Explosive Rifle Target – May 7 2013

Overturned tractor-trailers are seen on Interstate 40 near Shawnee, Oklahoma, including one that was left hanging over an overpass
A loud boom heard in Summit Township was a one-pound binary rifle target made of Tannerite, a reactive compound designed to explode on impact with a high-powered rifle bullet....

Mysterious Booms in Flint, Michigan Could Be Related To A Police Secret Bomb Range – April 2013

Residents of Flint Michigan hear and feel, for years, mysterious booming sounds, similar to thunder and fireworks, shaking their houses and walls. And nobody seemed to know exactly what...

Officials say loud booms in Richmond County, Virginia are related to explosive training – February 28 2013

Several residents of Richmond County were annoyed and reported loud booming sounds in south Augusta, Virginia. These are most likely related to explosive trainings conducted Thursday at a training...

Loud Booms in Ohio May be Related to Tannerite Explosion, Wapakoneta, Ohio – January 29 2013

WAPAKONETA — The Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of recent reports of massive explosions in the area, caused by exploding rifle targets from the mixture Tannerite which...




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