Friday, December 9, 2016

Coastal erosion in Senegal is so high that cemeteries are being swallowed up by the sea

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Senegal's The Petite Cote coastline is being eaten up by coastal erosion. Besides affecting communities and hotels, three quarters of the cemetery of Rufisque has been swallowed up by the sea. Now,...

Biblical rains wreak havoc Chile triggering landslides, floods and road collapses

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They prayed for rain! But didn't ask for a deluge! After two days of torrential rain, the south-central part of Chile is being wreaked havoc by floods, landslides and collapsing roads... And...

A new monster El Niño event is coming later this year

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All signs point to a new monster El Niño event later this year. And it may be exceptionally hazardous. Scientists thought the emerging El Niño conditions emerging in the Pacific Ocean...

Anomalous snowfall in the Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Northern Rockies

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More than an inch of snow was reported on Monday in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and in the mountains of western Montana and central Idaho near Salmon. The freak July cold front settled...

Homes are being swallowed by rising sea level along the coast of Nuevo Altata, Mexico

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New housings constructed along the coast of Nuevo Altata are collapsing due to rising sea level. This video shows how the sea has swallowed some houses in a residential area named...

Snow storm in July in Russia – Vorkuta hit by July blizzard

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Since about a week, heat is oppressing Europe. And I wouldn't mind getting some fresh air ... From Russia. Or maybe, this Russian town would gladly receive sun instead of a snow...

Greenland icebergs create powerful earthquakes recorded around the world when they break off

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When large icebergs break off, they produce a seismic event detectable across the Earth. These glacial quakes are all around magnitude 4.6 to 5.2. So pretty big. These earthquakes aren’t caused by faults...

Unprecedent rise in the water temperature along US west and east coasts

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The warming rate since 2002 is 15 times faster than from the previous 100 years. And scientists don’t know if it’s decadal variability or if the trend will continue. A couple of...

Wandering algae invade Fernando de Noronha archipelago in Brazil

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And suddenly a gigantic mass of algae invaded parts of a Brazilian archipelago! The phenomenon of wandering algae is rare but eerie! Look at the pictures below as such algae...

Mysterious blob temperature anomaly found in Pacific Ocean could enhance California mega drought

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Is this mystery blob discovered in the Pacific Ocean responsible for the extreme California drought? A still unexplained temperature anomaly - 'blob' of warm water - is sitting in the...

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