Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bridge collapses during heavy flooding in Lubango, Angola – 24 dead and 30 missing

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A bridge collapsed due to heavy floods in Angola on March 1, 2016, killing at least 23 people and injuring another dozens. Most of the victims are children. Have a...

Dramatic floods in Peru due to El Niño

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The climatic phenomenon El Niño led to severe flooding in cities located along the Pacific coast of Peru. The government sent 250 soldiers in the disaster areas. In the city of...

Winter Storm Jonas in videos from around the eastern US

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Here a compilation of videos showing the chaos created by winter storm Jonas across the eastern US. Stay home if possible, keep calm and drive safely... Winter storm Jonas is currently...

Giant waves flood Havana, Cuba – Extremely rare weather event

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The ocean was so furious that giant waves flooded the Malecon in Havana on January 17, 2016. Althoug in the middle of the ocean, such extreme weather is extrememly rare...

Lake Eyre, the largest lake in Australia comes back to life

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Lake Eyre, Australia's largest salt lake, has been brought back to life after heavy rains fell around the lake on New Year's Day. According to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, the rapid filling...

Worst Storm in 200 years in Norway – Houses swept away by insane floods

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This is the worst storm in 200 years in Norway. Houses have been swept away after more than 170mm of rainfall in 48 hours in the south-west near Eigersund. Houses have been...

Apocalytical storm in Paraguay destroys parts of the capital city – Most powerful storm in 18 years

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That's the most powerful storm in the past 18 years of Paraguay. The storm hit the capital and surrounding on Friday, December 4, 2015 and killed a boy and a baby. Moreover,...

And suddendly a parking house collapses in Turkey – Deadly floods engulf Artvin

The city of Artvin, Turkey was partly destroyed by massive floods and landslides on November 13 and 14 2015. The deadly extreme weather killed 2 in a region already badly...

Terrifying shelf cloud engulfs Sydney in pictures and videos – Get prepared for apocalyptical storms

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This terrifying shelf cloud rolled over Bondi Beach in Sydney on November 6, 2015. After storms and tornados battered the neighboring state of Victoria, now rough weather has moved to...

Yemen flooded by Cyclone Chapala torrential rains in insane pictures and videos

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The first hurricane ever to hit Yemen in recorded history arrived early Tuesday morning when Tropical Cyclone Chapala hit the city of Mukallah. The storm has already dumped a decades'...

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