Thursday, May 26, 2016

Incredible moment giant haboob turns city black in Pakistan

When I first watched this crazy haboob video, I could not believe my eyes. But this is true: A haboob in southern Balochistan turned a city black on March 7,...

Chinese sandstorm engulfs North Korea

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A powerful sandstorm is currently sweeping across theprovinces of Phenyan-do, Hwanghae-do and Kanvando in North Korea. The haboob, 'Made in China', is produced by the low atmospheric pressure over the...

Powerful sandstorm turns city red in Mongolia

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A sandstorm hit north and northwest China on Friday, adversely affecting local residents and traffic conditions. In Erenhot City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the sandstorm brought by the gale...

Apocalyptical red sandstorm turns Tobruk, Libya into a blood red city

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Tobruk, Lybia has turned blood red as an apocalyptical red sandstorm swept throught the area on January 17, 2016. Look at the spectacular pictures of the bloody city. Winds of up...

Apocalyptical sandstorm engulfs Hoopstad in South Africa (pictures and videos)

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The following dramatic photos and videos were shot on January 13, 2016, from Hoopstad as a massive and violent sandstorm swept across the Freestate in South Africa. Sandstorms in the area are so...

Powerful sandstorm engulfs the city of Boulia, Queensland, Australia

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An unusually powerful sandstorm swept through the central-western part of the Australian state of Queensland on Decmber 16, 2015. And it turned the day into night at Boulia, where a strong...

Apocalyptical dust storm and heavy rainfall plunge Lucknow, India in darkness

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Uttar Pradesh, India has been hit by sudden dust storm and heavy rainfall that plunged Lucknow, the state's capital, into darkness on December 1, 2015. Yes, the capital city turned...

Apocalyptical Sandstorm kills 2 and hospitalizes 160 in Lebanon

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The suffocating sandstorm has started engulfing Lebanon on Monday afternoon and will probably last until Thursday evening. 2 citizens suffocated to death and 750 others are suffering asphyxiation or shortness...

Strong Haboob engulfs Phoenix creating a giant wall of dust on August 25, 2015

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Phoenix got blanketed by a huge haboob on August 25, 2015. The giant wall of dust triggered by winds from nearby storms rolled through the Phoenix area Tuesday evening reducing the...

Insane dust storm engulfs Djelfa, Algeria

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A giant wall of dust suddenly rose up out of nowhere due to high winds. The massive sandstorm engulfed the city of Djelfa, Algeria on August 22, 2015. Watch these incredible...

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