Thursday, May 26, 2016

Insane sounds of squeezing ice in Odessa, Ukraine (video)

sound of ice, sound of squeezing ice, sound of crackling ice, insane sound of icevideo
Sometimes Nature creates sounds that even the best computers could not reproduce. Listen to the fascinating, incredible, and almost unbelievable sounds of rubbing ice featured in this video: These apocalyptical sounds of...

Listen To The Terrifying Sound of 2011 Honshu Earthquake, Japan (VIDEO)

Underwater Microphone Captures Honshu, Japan Earthquake, sound of honshu earthquake, earthquake sound, sound of honshu earthquake 2011, japan earthquake 2011 sound, terrifying sound of Great Honshu earthquake in japan 2011, great honshu japan earthquake 2011 sound videovideo
Listen to the earthquake that created the Great Honshu, Japan tsunami! The terrifying sound of 2011 Honshu earthquake was recorded by an underwater hydrophone located near the Aleutian Islands of Alaska! You've...

World’s unexplained Strange Sounds 3: “Upsweep”

The “Upsweep” sound was first recorded by an autonomous array of hydrophones used to catch specific phenomena such as undersea earthquakes, ice cracking, marine mammal population migration, and detection...

World’s unexplained Strange Sounds 2: “Slow Down”

The “Slow Down” sound was recorded for the first time by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in May 1997 in the Equatorial Pacific ocean (15°S 115°W)...

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